My Pitch

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This is my intended pitch presentation to my group for my ideas and hopes for the prototype deadline in December and the eventual deadline in May of next year which will pretty much be the end of my degree. Throughout my presentation I wanted to highlight some of the key parts so far such as the artists that have influenced me, past works, tests and artists that have produced work similar to my own and I hope to emulate in my own work throughout my final year. Below in order to in my mind make a cohesive presentation highlighting what each slide represented and how this was relevant and whose work was what image I bulleted pointed in notes and necessary details I needed to remember to give the best idea of the work.

  1. Introduction slide to pitch introducing the idea to the group with a focus on a more applied arts but physical function to the pieces I make intention.
  2. Artists of Influence :- Philippine Sowerby, Robert Coby, Andy Goldsworthy, J Paul Fennell,Gabriel Schama, Sidney Hutter.
  3. Prototype for the glassbox task.
  4. Maia Stern artist that uses glass as a jigsaw puzzle piece.
  5. Maia Stern artist work put together.
  6. Paul Lamond artist who makes functional and decorative jigsaw pieces.
  7. Sharon Richards ceramic sculpt artist and recent graduate of Cardiff metropolitan
  8. Experiments with surface of objects and 3D printing.
  9. Glass experiments with leaves and form.
  10. Exhibit pieces from last year.
  11. Leaves photographed.
  12. Pinecone studys and initial experimentation with shape.

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