Group Presentation Talk (The Pitch)

Yesterday along with a larger than I initially thought group of my fellow maker friends presented our ideas in the form of presentations as a pitch much like when what businessman do on shows like the Apprentice which covered what we have done since the start of term, our ideas and where we are at now, and where we are intending to go and do to reach these goals.  For my presentation I was thankfully able to get the experiments out of the kiln in time to show my group and my tutor Jon, And I highlighted how the use of natural materials highlighted my interests in objects but their place in nature and how they would look in the home environment. There is a lot of technical not just in the idea but the complexity of the ideas that are causing concerns at this moment in time and the group highlighted confusion as to what I was trying to achieve with the idea of geometric and a jigsaw effect being very difficult maybe not to do but get done to a high quality, basically a worthy challenge but maybe with more experience and working up the difficulty ladder to achieve in the meantime.

With every talk whether this be tutorial or group discussion we are each given feedback on what has been discussed and how we can take things forward for the next stage and talk whenever that may be. These were the areas that were highlighted :-

  • The use of leaves and ways that I can push more to experiment with the desired effects such as shape,detail,individual parts and so on. and methods of making moulds that achieve these results such as CNC, plaster moulds that can then be formed into vessels
  • Once this has been achieved this can then be taken into experiments with Lighting and the puzzle but only when the previous areas have been trialed and error to as far as is possible based on the ideas given and working through on the development.

As an ending point Jon recommended speaking to Sophie a recent graduate as of this june of the maker course after me discussing and displaying an experiment of the process of pate de verre and how this could be a potential experiment turned to object idea for future tutorials and the deadline in december.


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