Advice from tutorial

From my presentation to a small group of fellow makers last week there was confusion but also understanding about what I was intending to present in December and hoping to achieve in May for the final year exhibition. Watching other Makers presentations and looking through my own I was drawn more to functional but as well as that decorative pieces which is a difficult balance as functional doesn’t really require pattern but pattern and detail makes objects more interesting rather than the bland which is good don’t get me wrong but if something catches your eye and appeals to the senses does that override our way of thinking over the norm objects.

With one of my close friends on Maker this comes into effect as we couldn’t be more different in what we like. My friend likes minimal outcomes that are simple but desirable usually made in metal or wood, whereas I use glass, wood, 3D print, textiles as examples and make objects that use patterns and details that don’t come across in their work which isn’t a bad thing it just compliments what we like about our work and each others.

This week coming I want to be able to develop further my experimental prototypes and create more depth to the prototypes and begin to correlate my sketchbook to these ideas as well as the links to the artists I am using as influences and additions to the 20 in the Pecha Kucha.


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