Dissertation Feedback

Towards the end of October I submitted my dissertation draft for assessment to my tutor Martyn to see how good or bad things are going and the level in regards to a grade average I am at now and can achieve when submitted finally in January. Overall I was quite worried as to what the quality would be like for the piece as there was a lot of panic and worry on my part to understand how to describe and demonstrate my understanding in practice of my idea of What is the phenomenology of glass?

I was happy to discover that things are much better than I thought and there aren’t really any major concerns more simple mistakes that happen to everyone and most likely have in some shape or form in their own dissertations. Discussing with Martyn he was pleased with what was handed in and understood why what was submitted was submitted the way it was. Some areas that I brought up and afterwards to Ingrid during a Maker tutorial were the word count limit and trying to keep to the limits of every chapter given. Also with making an artefact there is another worry about how the dissertation can verbally link and correspond to an artefact which is something that I will be marked on.

Speaking to Martyn to make up for the word count and help the flow of the dissertation Martyn suggested starting each separate part of the dissertation structure with a what why and how approach. In context this means

  • Why – Why am I saying this
  • What – What is going to be said in this chapter
  • How – How this will help the dissertations narrative

This approach will help with the word count and flow in practice of the dissertation. Another area was the conversation style were sometimes it is in first person but it needs to be in third person when in an academic context like this. When addressing an individual I need to use there surname rather than their full title and remember to include the details of quotes after the quote within the dissertation paragraph itself has been used.




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