Zoe Preece (tutorial)

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Today with Ingrid now abroad visiting and creating relationships and opportunities with universities abroad and the Maker course in Cardiff I had the opportunity to have a quite in-depth tutorial with Zoe. Having had a tutorial with Zoe in second year discussing the medal and lamp project which opened new ways of thinking to me for those projects I was looking forward to how Zoe would react as a complete outsider with no knowledge prior of what I’m doing in my project.

Zoe like everyone else really liked the leaves and the concepts to which I’m working in but opened up areas of thinking and potential problems that can occur with what I am doing. looking at my pieces there is an obvious beauty but heavy fragility ratio. For me there are several outcome ideas I am working towards some of which are purely decorative, others that have detail but function to and others that are just functional.

The problem is that glass is a material that is more than capable of falling into those three categories but Zoe believed that I should continue with the experiments I would like to do whilst in  time that I can afford to do them and allow that to fuel what the end result will be. Also I highlighted this desire to have a functional but decorative piece but the idea will need to evolve in order to work or there will be nothing to present in the December deadline on November 5th which is just under three weeks from now. So in order to keep true to what I want to do and have pieces that are suitable to my tutors standards and expectations I will make pieces that are purely decorative, pieces that are decorative but with a function to there creation such as a light and ones that are purely functional with the potential to be a series of set pieces like dining wear and interior design pieces. So that is how I will take on-board the advice given as each tutor has given different opinions but have all said as much experimentation as possible is the key to this project.



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