Kay Sekimachi (Artist Research)


During my research study after my talk with Zoe about the importance and relevance of what I would like in my pieces I came across an artist that uses leaves residing in America and this artist was Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi. Kay in particular uses the maple leaf in her work that falls into the sculptural category of the craft and arts market to create pieces from actual leaves that have a purely decorative but visually appealing look to the audience.

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To create these pieces Kay uses the skeletons of maple leaves and using a material known as Kozo paper, a Japanese paper made from vegetable fibres only available in three types of plants which is predominantly used in fixing the quality of books as they deteriorate over time due to use. And watercolour to create the end result. as well as this Kay has used hornets paper and grass.

What particularly draws me to this way of use is the effect that light has on the piece as a result despite the piece being made to be functional and the outline and shape of the piece is something that I’m really drawn to due o these pieces symbolising what I want to achieve in my own work. The only way to achieve results that will be appropriate for this way of making in glass as the leaves will not last very long and will damage very quickly is to cast the leaf in glass which during tests will cause air bubbles and destroy the leaf every time. So a means around this would be to place a sheet of glass over the top of the leaf and etch with an engraver tool the detail desired for the leaves or objects into the surface that can then be slumped to get a shape result desired and a quality to match.




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