The Commercial (how are we commercial?)

During my talk with Zoe yesterday the context of commercial was introduced to define the nature and dominance my work falls into. Commercial meaning how an artist chooses to promote their work can be an artist that creates work that they sell to a company to have in their stores or creating work that has the potential to be exhibited in galleries as well as exhibitions to the public with the chance of sales at any point.

During the tutorial Zoe highlighted to me that the way you see yourself working will best show how to get your work into the commercial artist market but like anything there are positives and there are negatives. Looking at the three categories that on the Maker course we fall into being Craft, Art or  Design there is a different approach to each to the commercial that speaks to me in my own understanding. These understandings to the commercial being :-

  • Craft (me) :- seeing myself as a craft person I would see myself in a commercial context creating pieces for home use as functional and decorative objects such as plates and coasters to bowls and vases traditionally in glass but with elements of other materials combined. To be commercial craft artists would most likely advertise their work through their website and thanks to the technological era use the social media platform to reach a business and buyer market directly, as well as this there can be craft markets as well as gallery submissions and competitions.


  • Design :- Designers in a commercial sense due to the connection of furniture and lighting would hit a higher end commercial market of events that cover furniture and lighting such as the London markets as well as approaching companies that have a growing market in that sector to display work within their stores to directly approach the customer without the artist being there to sell it like a craft artist would on market.


  • Artists :- Artists due to the common link of installation pieces and sculpture would in a commercial context in my mind create pieces on commission or pieces that they can sell to build reputation or site specific work that can draw in tourism to the area whether permanent or short. Which can lead to other projects in time or exhibit work that inspires, challenges and reinterprets the minds way of thinking.

looking at those ways of imaging the commercial I would see myself more strongly in the Craft market of commercial marketing but I do value the other ways of making and marketing available to my fellow makers as I wish for my work to meet a large market over time but not have the massive overhang of lack of interest due to the limitations that my work is displayed in. But for the moment I believe my strongest chance is to develop pieces of high quality that can be made with ease but not easy and then as skills develop grow stronger and move into more complex pieces that galleries will more likely undertake and with the amount of time it takes to reach that level there will already be a market notability to my work going into it as a new maker to the block.


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