Experiments in Practice

Throughout this term taking note from timescale and time management problems last year and before and in general for any academic arts related area, I’ve decided to do as much experimenting and physical high quality making as I can with the materials I have available to me as I believe the materials I have are ore than good enough to get high quality work from. Throughout the weeks so far I’ve noticed that focusing on one area has pushed me out to further areas of working and when I think about what I’m doing and what I would like to do upon graduation I’ve set up a few areas to divide up the interests I have in regards to making and the relevance they have in their own way. These categories being :-

  • Pieces for display with decorative aesthetic purpose
  • Pieces for light display and personal function purpose
  • Combining more than one material and creating pieces that have function but also display
  • Build approach (play and creativity outlook)

Based on what I have enjoyed throughout Maker I believe that I can present something that can fall into all of these categories and have a separate object that represents each category to present I December my only concern is to what will be said of this but if this is demonstrating what I like and what I can do then I’m already on the right track respectively anyway but will have to see how the presentation goes.



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