Martyns Seminar


Today marks the end of the seminars with Martyn. Throughout the lectures there have been many areas of focus for us to take away from such as the symbolism of imagery and how an Artist and a Designer differ and are similar in their processes of making.

Makers are more likely to make pieces that are intended to sell in craft, store or events involving Craft or Design locally or more further afield. Whereas designer in the sense of product design make pieces that they think through every possible hazard that can come from this product and would be employed in this respect or brought in for particular material knowledge which varies from persons to persons skill set much like Makers in the same way.

For todays final task as groups we ventured off into three different locations with all groups ending up going to the same place in the end to collect materials to make a piece for display purposes using the electrical components and faceplate of a small bedside clock.

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From these locations and purely on location we had to collect objects that would be of value to us on making a piece that would fit the aesthetic and function of a clock hanging or balanced but stable upon it. and here re the results for my group.

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Taking items from location we then from Sarah’s perspective went with the idea of the clock being attached to an almost wearable if slightly massively oversized necklace piece based on objects found in a cemetery and the local cathedral nature habitats nice to know death is literally hanging around your neck with this piece. Even though I didn’t get as involved in the making of the piece I really enjoyed the complete go for it and see what happens result which is pretty much how most of my professional class pieces that come out of maker fall into sadly. Taking from this for the December deadline I’m playing around with the idea of making pieces that have a creative context in the sense that they can be one solid object but have the ability to be 3 smaller separate objects maintaining the same function for some pieces. But at the same time I want to make pieces that fit for function and have a purpose but also some that are for display purposes only to give me a dynamic and selection of ideas to work with as the deadline draws closer and closer.


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