Reminder of project goals for deadline

Now with just over a week to go and wanting to make sure I dont overlook or forget anything important I revisited the brief for my Maker project to highlight in each area separately what I have done and what I need to do within this time.  And throughout the week produce and document the evidence of this in the most suitable way to demonstrate as well as my blog. These are the areas that I need to meet for this part of the deadline and in bold how I am doing with each area:-

  • An exhibition standard Artifact – Almost complete needing to add final details and extra parts.
  • Design sheets, SketchbooksRequires a bit of reorganising and final checks as well as blogging any missing areas. 
  • Subject module Blog, with clear contextual referencingNeed to check with tutor whether this has been correctly been done but everything on track.
  • Evaluative statement on project (250-350 word count)Will do once the content of all other areas has been fulfilled in order for the best accuracy to be achieved.
  • Statement of intent with timeline (250 words) – Need to check as I dont understand what is desired evidence wise.
  • Documented evidence of research into professional and graduate opportunities – Completed just need to document on blog. 



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