Plan moving Forward

Due to circumstances out of my control I had to postpone formative till the new year which means that although in a sense I have more time in fact I have got less in another but based on feedback from tutors as will as fellow maker friends I seem to be going okay, I do not believe them but yeah that is nothing out of the unusual. Before Christmas I was told and advised if I intend to create a collection of objects such as bowls, vases plates and such in order to have something of standard I need to concentrate on one type of object and have an outcome complete rather than three different types of object but nothing complete which I have achieved with the bowls respectively.

Next term when formative will occur I hope to be able to show a more focused and visual plan of what I want to achieve for the remainder of the course and how my tutors can help me with what I want to achieve as with the materials I work with the result and expectation go against each other but produce results that are unique in their own. I’ve managed to produce a few test and one finalised piece as seen below which is my artefact for presentation for next term and intend to work on this and add my further ideas to be able to advance further in preparation for the final deadline in May and the potential of being picked for display at New Designers, and other events and possibilities beyond.


Facebook Website

In order to start promoting and get an idea of how social media can help promote and advertise me and my work I created a Facebook Website much like some of my fellow Makers have which respectively allows me to see how well and far my posts are travelling on social media and what better place to start than Facebook that connects you to millions of people instantaneously. With this being a first attempt the look and feel of this page will alter and redesign over time as I gain more confidence and understanding of success through media but I like to think ive made the best start possible.    websiteabbies-image-for-instagram

And to promote ive attached the most recent works like the piece above to show the current stages of work at this moment in time.

Centre For Entrepreneurship (Beginning the idea)

As part of the Centre for Entrepreneurship scheme the aim is in time to be able to create a successful built model of the company/business that you wish to see made reality. Over many sessions we have been covering key areas that are necessary such as funding but also other areas such as how others can help your business where you can’t (speciality knowledge). Obviously Art is an area that does well but like a well-oiled machine it needs many working parts to stay strong and active as if one part goes then its collateral for the rest. My business idea is much like all my work and interactions in life really. That being massively over complicated with a much easier way of doing things hidden in plain sight, but where is the fun in that is. Speaking to Lauren the leader of the program I discussed that over time I’d like to expand what my business is about and as I build contacts hopefully they can help with the structure of this.

Starting at an easier point there was the workshop discussion. With their being so many art materials and practices there Is as a big a market for Craft and the hands on Craft as there is for the outcomes themselves so I came up with the idea of having a few workshops to show how those who would like to do this but have no idea how to do this can achieve this goal. From a Maker student perspective there are many workshops that require some form of machinery assistance which is obviously costly but are more secondary to the process than the idea behind how to make, As examples I came up with three areas that I would research into how I could make a profit and achieve goals that stay true to the meaning of the business thesis respectively these areas being:-

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Pewter

Taking these areas forward I would begin to analyse just what exactly I could achieve now and what would take time and further investment to get, but at least this will produce a starting result.

The maker Guild (Craft in the Bay)

As well as Glass By Design there is a Student Association Scheme with Craft in the Bay that is looking to build closer relations to Artist Designer Maker and Cardiff School of Art and Design. Craft in the Bay to my understanding introduces two new members yearly and has built quite a variety in the displayed works.

The scheme allows those who apply and are selected to build relationships with the Maker Guild of Wales  and Craft in the Bay and helps with professional support, training and opportunities to build networks through maker guild membership.

Due to the fluidity of Craft in the Bay there are several glass artists already within which has helped me value how much artists working with the material charge and the size of the objects and look among other things are although I am aware that tax and gallery commission price adds to the cost seen on the ticket. I have spoken to two of the ladies that run the maker guild and surprisingly they recognise my name from the medal from second year which also went on their online webpage, I intend to message in the new year the gallery and see if I can arrange a placement as in the future I would like to see my business expand and maybe even employ staff of course this comes down to meeting the right people and being pushed in the right direction. This is a long term scenario so I am hopeful that this is a step in the right direction to make this idea more of a reality.

Glass By Design (Graduate Opportunities)

Glass by Design is a small predominantly glass but mixed materials business in Penarth that opened last year run by Angelina Hall and Cathy O Doherty. After graduation I hope to be able to display my work within their shop which since opening has collected he works of some fellow maker graduates of the past two graduate years of the course. As well as the potential opportunity to exhibit work there is also an open house event every Thursday between 6-8 where for a £15 fee you can meet fellow glass artists and have access to glass kilns something that upon graduation I will not have access to without potential funding possibilities.