Plan moving Forward

Due to circumstances out of my control I had to postpone formative till the new year which means that although in a sense I have more time in fact I have got less in another but based on feedback from tutors as will as fellow maker friends I seem to be going okay, I do not believe them but yeah that is nothing out of the unusual. Before Christmas I was told and advised if I intend to create a collection of objects such as bowls, vases plates and such in order to have something of standard I need to concentrate on one type of object and have an outcome complete rather than three different types of object but nothing complete which I have achieved with the bowls respectively.

Next term when formative will occur I hope to be able to show a more focused and visual plan of what I want to achieve for the remainder of the course and how my tutors can help me with what I want to achieve as with the materials I work with the result and expectation go against each other but produce results that are unique in their own. I’ve managed to produce a few test and one finalised piece as seen below which is my artefact for presentation for next term and intend to work on this and add my further ideas to be able to advance further in preparation for the final deadline in May and the potential of being picked for display at New Designers, and other events and possibilities beyond.


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