Lights (Subject Level 6)



Through my tutorials since the beginning of third year there has been not just in my fellow makers but also tutors eyes of a broad range of outcome potentials, most noticeably in Lights.

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Through companies like Craft in the Bay I believe this influence has become more realised. Honestly having had a rough time with the Delight In Light project last year the idea of making lights was off putting. However the potential scope and uniqueness of the pieces I’ve made so far that could change my mind on that way of thinking. Also with my overall focus being on objects that are decorative and functional or a mixture of the two this is a perfect opportunity to show what I can do.

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These were a few early experiments playing with the ideas of shape and also light and the way material works with light. Having completed a few good quality test pieces before Christmas I’m now looking to book the university’s photography space to test out light and the pieces reaction to it. Also to link in my artists research ill be attempting to create forms out of actual leaves if this is possible much like Kay Sekimachi work below


I’m looking forward to this way of working and hope to be able to draw together new ways of making and techniques on top of the knowledge I already have at this point in time.





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