New Designers group meeting

At the end of every academic year, there is an exhibition within the Maker studio much like every other degree and masters course within Cardiff School of Art and Design. However, in the third year Makers have the opportunity to go to New Designers.  New Designers is a massive Craft, Design and Maker event held in London, split between two sections of work from furniture to installation pieces and jewellery. Looking and selecting a few examples of what little is surprisingly available the level of skill is immense and I can’t imagine how in a sense out of your depth it may feel to be a graduate exhibiting.

Despite this, I have the opinion of why not life presents opportunities so grab them while you can. At this moment in time unless there is a massive change in direction the biggest problem is maintaining and achieving a standard of work to the level that not just Maker expects but also that of the likes of London. Hopefully, after everything that has happened so far, this is the moment that will make it all worthwhile.

Realistically at the meeting nothing is indefinitely set in stone as the maker degree show could change the direction of everything.


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