Janet Kelman

In my exhibition module research whilst looking in the library for glass books, I stumbled across the work of Janet Kelman. Janet Kelman pictured below education is in chemistry but has had a passion and work ethos for glass that has lasted for over 40 years. In particular, due to the limitations of equipment, we have in Cardiff being a glass slump kiln  her work is the perfect point of study. Janets work focuses on the sea and waves more than what I study which is leaves.

Janet kelman 1Janet kelman 2Janet kelman 3

Looking at the example images of her work the reflective qualities of her pieces are interesting and exactly what I want to achieve in both the bowls and the lights the problem is the surface they sit on has to be able to create this reflective effect.

Taking things forward martin has recommended I put aside the desire of using the Glass frits in the molds as the results, unfortunately, will not cut it in time.  So it remains to be seen what is achievable but for the work of Janet Kelman, I believe this process will be of great use for the degree show and beyond.


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