Resin not Glass

From my formative assessment with Pip and Ingrid yesterday I have begun looking into the use of replacing the glass sheets of my pieces with resin. At this late stage of development working with a material that I have interest in but never used before in any way is running the risk of ruining work or being to time draining to get done in time but being positive if everything works out this is perhaps the best chance I  have of creating a unique process and also a desirable start to a collection of work. In order to see how the material is used and the results of which can be achieved as well as the dos and don’ts of the process I searched on YouTube for any available advice and found these videos

After watching this video I now will attempt to use one of my glass test piece results to capture within the resin and wait till the material is dried in order to see the effects this has against light and show the results of this to my tutor Ingrid before the end of this academic term.


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