Laura Thomas Textile Artist


During my formative assessment with Ingrid and Pip when the trapping frit between glass idea didn’t work Ingrid mentioned the use of resin and in particular for research purposes the work of Laura Thomas an artist that knows Ingrid and ironically is one of the first artists I believe I have spoken to at Made By Hand in 2014.

Laura’s work

Laura’s work uses woven textile known as weaving that creates beautiful textile pieces that are then encased in acrylic resin. In this context the work can be used for sculptural forms, freestanding pieces, Wall mounted art and plates. Given the timescale in awareness to the deadline of the degree show, resin may be the best option and produce the best results allowing me as close to what I wanted to achieve at the start of the year is possible in the remaining time of third year Maker.

these are a few examples of Laura’s work that show the use of her textile work and in cased in resin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


My original intention was to have pure glass pieces encased in glass to make the material stronger but in the process of achieving this has damaged and ruined the aesthetic of the work done before. However, resin doesn’t have this problem and is much safer and creates just as good an aesthetic in light although this is something that I will have to test when I am able to next week as a goal. If this proves to be successful I am on for a good collection of work and something that I can potentially develop further into a larger body of work if the opportunity of INC space arises and if I can acquire or gain access to kilns outside of Cardiff Met.


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