Toots Zynsky

At this late stage the work off Toots Zynsky is of great interest and could be invaluable to me if I had a year to work on my craft but alas I don’t, Never the less I am interested in the forms she has made and also the way in which these pieces are made as I had no idea that the process used even existed. Looking into how Toots Zynsky creates these pieces through the book (500 Glass object A Celebration of Functional ad sculptural Glass), mentioned the process of Filet-De-Vere which is a process in which glass threads are fused together and thermoformed.

book of 500 glass objects

In my sketchbooks for both Field and Subject I collected a series of artists whose work suited my ideas, material use and desired effect as example criteria. Toots Zynsky is realistically at this moment in time not suitable for either but more towards future possibilities with more knowledge and facilities to have access to. Given the value of YouTube and social media in general to artist I searched to see what I could find and found these videos.

I love the fact that her work is made from hundreds of very fine glass rods and are fired to put together to create forms that are made through slumping over shaped forms in a kiln. Given that this is a process that she has developed I am unsure whether in a practical sense anyone else can use this process and if they can what can they do but I suppose the whole point is that each artist has uniqueness and helps inspire the next generation that continues the cycle.



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