Editing and picking a logo

Every artist like every person needs a representation or a visual form that links what you do to the audience that what you stand for can relate to such as your digital and physical presence in the world. One important branding for an artist identity is a logo, For some, this is simple initials with a undertext message such as

KB (Anagram of full name (KierrenĀ Barnfield)

Designer Maker

Or some is a piece of their work and their name, But usually, a logo of the initials and their background or the material they work predominantly in is used. For me, the artist and the work go hand in hand so if one doesn’t have the other really there is no point. For my logo, I admit I am terrible with digital software like photoshop or illustrator so I sent a rough and I mean drawn through paint of the initials KB to a friend and these were the results I got back.

First logossecond logosthird logos

I really liked the results but struggled with which one looked best, but given that this probably won’t be the last business card I design or make I can always change for the future as the work will naturally change anyway. I liked the logo seen above in the square But I wanted to make the logo circular and due to the Designer Maker subtext below this meant that as shown the subtext moved to the side of the K to get the results seen and I am quite happy with the results and looking forward to testing the images and the logo together before deciding the best result to send to print.



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