Field Formative Feedback With Ingrid

During my formative assessment for field, both Ingrid and Pip were concerned and most likely the feedback would reflect this that there was some great work but the progress of moving forward with this work isn’t visible as it should be at this stage. Both liked the work but wanted the best possible result as there is definitely the unique result there but making these objects like the image seen below which is intended for a bowl is not easy as the fragile result is desirable but the ephemeral nature isn’t something that really would be bought knowing how quickly and literally without a lot of pressure could break.  Ingrid recommended with all the pieces that are literally spread out over two desks fusing corresponding colors together and making forms that can create leaves and cast these in resin and in this case create a desirable fragile but preserved unique sculptural form. When I had my talk with Ingrid after formative but before formative results are emailed Ingrid highlighted that the feedback grade in no way reflected her own confidence in my abilities as I am much better than what the feedback will say but in order for the best and most honest results, what is seen rather than discussed is what is assessed. Having completed some resin tests my feedback grade when I receive it will be inaccurate anyway which is a positive result moving forward.


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