Glass vs Resin

Throughout the making of my pieces for the past few weeks there has been a constant battle of one process succeeding but then the next process doesn’t and undoes the good work done. So far I have made to be honest I don’t even know how many pieces in glass but in my formative assessment the sheet glass pieces were highlighted as ruining the aesthetic of the pieces but in defence this was more towards the pieces that were in 6 mm thick glass which translates as my frit test fused on one side with 3mm glass and then flipped over and a second sheet applied to the other side. Several things listed happened when this was tried

  • The glass worked but the coloured material lost its form completely and was trapped as part of the surface of the sheet glass.
  • The resulting air space between the fused sheet material and the material that fuses to the other side caused air bubbles that as a result ruined and lost a large amount of detail to the piece
  • Even with only one side of material in use, my tutors believed that this direction wasn’t for filling the full potential of what I can achieve.
  • Resin is the better option for preserving the fragile pieces however resin overtime and exposure to ultra violet light discolors and damages the look and quality of the piece.

With these key areas in mind the problem becomes whether I should try to find a suitable place that can hot cast my pieces most likely at a high cost or stick with resin and argue the validity of the choice of material to the long-term possibilities with the pieces. All I can say at this point is that I cannot afford to not investigate this avenue as this could be a potential downfall after all the hard work that has been done to get this far and make it an all for nothing situation.



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