Field Level 6 Formative Feedback

Like all previous projects formative assessment comes with a meeting to discuss the projected trajectory based on the work that has been seen, what has been discussed and what is the roughly ideal result. Due to this being the final year of Maker these results are the most important results I will ever get compared to the degree qualification. In the third year the results of Subject, Field and Dissertation are combined together to give the grade and qualification I will receive overall. So far based on the formative marks I have been given which are subject to change so in any case, they can get higher or lower this is what I have.

Subject (50-53) Lowest grade point of a 2.2 grade also known as satisfactory results

Field (47-49) Highest grade point of a 3rd grade also known as Basic results

Dissertation (unknown until May but predicted based on formative assessment to be at a 2.2-2.1 average) (pending result)

This was the feedback I was given in regards to my exhibition feedback.

Summative Feedback Grade Criteria



As there is currently no finished work the indicative mark not a reflection on potential.

There is a concern here that the simple elements that are successful in the work are not being exploited, the work seems to gain ever more complexity both visually and technically. You need to move away from such technical complexity as you are struggling to achieve the outcomes that you intend and time is running out.

Focus on what is working well and what you know you can achieve, there is potential to work with the delicate leaf patterns if you can keep their form…try using resin. They lose their fragility once they are fused onto glass. Resign blocked could be easily turned into elegant up lighters exploiting the beautiful qualities of your frit leaves.  Look at the work of Laura Thomas.

It is important that you move from testing to completing finished artifact… this will help with your confidence and also help with your time management. Fusing you beautiful experiments in the resin may be all that is needed to bring this work to fruition.



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