Business Card

As with any individual running a business or being a sole trader a business card is a hugely important aspect of marketing. Business cards are naturally the most obvious means of identifying a person or company to what they do or the services they offer.

Because of this business cards are overlooked and discarded more often than kept due to the high volume of the market. So if you want to be remembered you have to go above and beyond and make the business card more likely to be kept.

For my business card I wanted a simple clear logo that will go on one side of my business card and on the other side all my personal details such as social media links and such and perhaps a sample of my work from a high quality picture that can be on either side or both of the sides of the card

With the help of a fellow maker friend I decided on this logo using the initials of my name KB and what I consider myself a Designer Maker and perhaps on the other sides the market my work fits into, although in time these business cards may alter as naturally work and the direction of development alters the work you wish to show to the public.



Vista Print is the only company I can think of at this time but I will do more research over the time off to see what options are available.


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