Dissertation Results

Today I got the results of my dissertation submitted in February. My results showed that I had achieved an overall grade of a low 2.2  on the 50% mark which is essentially 1/3 of my known degree results. What this means or rather how this will effect anything remains unknown until subject and field are marked summatively. I’m not disappointed by the results as a pass is better than a fail and at least part of my possible grade average is already known.

Speaking to my tutor Martyn he stated that the problem was in two areas that ultimately decided the grade result. Basically, I needed to have more detail to back up the findings of the maker side of the dissertation and this would solve the problems of the structure which was the other note. Speaking to my tutor he was really pleased considering as the artifact was one of the most philosophically interesting he had and if the maker side of dissertation was backed up more I might have had a 70% mark which would be a 1st, however the algorithm that gives the final result is difficult to understand so if I can get my other two areas into a high 2.1 result I could be able to walk away with a 2.1 but this is something I will discuss with my tutor, Ingrid


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