Photoshoot and business cards

Today as well as getting my dissertation results the maker collective had photos taken off work within the photography studio for our degree show catalog as well as the online version. The resin tests and green glass bowl were selected and the below results are some of the best photos from the collective.

bowl 1 evan photo

  • Love the shadow effect but the glass frit seems difficult to focus perfectly on the camera and lighting.

bowl 2 evan photo

  • Again love the shadow and look but the glass frit for whatever reason does not look clear on the photo

Resin evan photo

  • Love the look and shadow effect of the piece but the edges and the clean look of the resin are under par.

Having completed one side of my business card in the sense of a logo and a list of social media accounts I wanted the other side to be a complete focus on one of my pieces. The pieces that have been photographed look great but they are not 100 visually stunning so I am concerned about how they would look to someone who picks up the card to potentially buy work later down the line as first impressions are the best.

Next week I’ll print off a test of each photo with the business card details and see what the first impression is. Then from that send off the results to either Vista print or Moo and see how long it takes and will cost to get the cards here by the 12th May.



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