Sanding the blanks

Having found the best way to make the blanks for the shapes for my resin molds I can now proceed to make the molds. Due to the CNC process, the sides of the pieces would need to be sanded but of all the options available using the CNC was best. As by hand caused uneven shapes and form and by laser cutter is a series of the same shape cut up and layered on top which was difficult to get exactly right.

With the shapes now sanded I have applied wood glue to the edges of the material to give the best quality coat to the wood. This part of the process was for valid reasons based on previous experiments. In a previous test using wood the sanded rough edge of the material when exposed to the silicone that makes the mould imprinted a rough result which translates to the resin and makes a dull jagged surface that is not what resin is supposed to look like and the only way to fix would be a lot of sanding which is time-consuming and also compromising the shape which is the whole reason the CNC machine was used in the first place. With glue applied to the edge of the piece this will hopefully create a much better result although how well this will look is unknown. The next stage in the process will be to spray-paint the surface of the piece and then apply at least two layers of resin to the surface of the material before casting and this is how the mould will be finalised.


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