Glass Art Competition

For the professional Practice evidence, I  have found a glass art competition that I can enter as a student this year. The idea that I am looking to present is based on the idea of the rose in the beauty and the beast.

In the film Beauty and the beast, the flower represented the beasts life where if the rose died the beast would remain a beast forever. The idea behind the piece was to symbolize the idea of the rose, of glass and of our lives.

I want the piece to symbolize this idea of the beauty but the heartache of life where the flower is beautiful but the idea shows the heartbreak of love. This will be achieved through the use of glass frit that will be fired flat and then formed together to create a rose that will then be put in a display case. But to abide by the competition rules

Bullseye comp 1Bullseye comp 2Bullseye comp 3Bullseye comp 4

Due to the fact that my deadline is on the 12th and the competition opens on the 23rd of may I will evidence and produce the piece to the best of ability in the time left but if necessary remake or edit the piece past the deadline so that I can enter the piece potentially in the degree show as well as the competition simultaneously


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