Professional Practice (Gallery Research) (Vessel Gallery) (London)

The vessel gallery near Kensington London is the proud home of a collection of works from artists working in the medium of glass around the world. The vessel gallery aims to promote the featured artist as well as the ideal and practice of the contemporary glass movement, heavily investing in glass-blown works of art due to financial potential of London as well as the reputation of peter Layton and his studio in London.

The vessel gallery holds work from the UK as well as artists from across Europe and the work shown focuses on contemporary glass areas such as sculpture and lighting. I recognized the work of Graham Muir (image seen below) and his waveforms created through glass blowing and found out that his practice in regards to qualification came from Sunderland where he worked for a period of time. I loved the fact that each artist stood out for completely different reasons and it surprised me just how much these pieces are put up for sale for. Admittedly with it being London and knowing how expensive the processes are I still didn’t expect the prices, I found so the market is a lot stronger and financially run than I believed in a positive way.

For my professional practice, I contacted the vessel gallery which I last year visited to ask a few background questions about their gallery and the criteria that artists meet or need to meet in order to display and whether there is a contract between the artist and the gallery, I am currently awaiting a reply.

Vessel gallery 1Vessel gallery 2Vessel gallery 3

Graham Muir (Waves)


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