Professional Practice (Artist Work)

As part of professional practice, the most crucial part is the work, So far throughout the year progress has been achieved but hurdles have come across. Due to working with unpredictable materials that can make unique but sometimes not usable pieces, time management is not easy or effective in planning. So far with discussions with my tutors, I am working with parts but not fully completed outcomes which are a concern as this has been a testing year.

So far works from the beginning of the course have been developing aspects and bringing forward aspects to create a piece, most notably the use of the Fragile fired pieces that were combined with resin.

Resin evan photo

Speaking to Ingrid and Jon on these pieces prospects the idea of turning these into sculptural forms was highly recommended and made use of bringing together forms that broke up on the kiln fired back washed leaf clay molds. The resin pieces could either be as shown a purely sculptural form either as a square or a circle on a block of wood, a form of the piece and a led underneath or an external light source that is focused on the front face of the piece with a light based projection on the surface wall behind the piece. Another alternative was to place one of the pieces on a turntable jewelry stand that will spin in the exhibition. One artist that’s work highlights the reasoning for using this process is Wilfried Grootens.


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