Presspack Update

My press pack for the degree show deadline is coming along nicely. Admittedly some areas are still fine tuning but this is to be expected if the best result is desired. For my press pack, I have tried to compile suitable high-quality work that shows the skills I have and the variety of work and skills I have on offer to the market as a freelance or contracted individual. For the deadline, I  have compiled a list like with every aspect of the sketchbooks to the degree show hanging of what each area contains and the current status of each area. This is the checklist of the press pack

  • CV (In progress – speaking to cv writing department in Cardiff Met)
  • Postcard (In progress – potentially completed on Monday)
  • Business card (In progress – Potentially completed on Monday)
  • Memory Stick with high-quality photos (In progress – Potentially completed Monday)
  • Any active applications (Completed – To upload on blog)
  • Example of web presence (Completed – to upload on blog and print in book

So far there are mainly print awaiting points and nothing is really a large problem so I’m hopeful to be done by Monday or Tuesday at the latest dependent on what happens over the course of the week.


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