Allocated a Space

On Friday after a group meeting with the rest of Maker and my tutors some of us were given a rough idea of the space we would be positioned in. The exhibition, unlike previous years, is going to be setup with an area for work that requires darker light density and then a more lit space area that isn’t requiring a dark setting.

During the talk as well as one to one discussion with Jon and Ingrid my work was identified as being a key individual for this space due to the play of light in the work. So far something has been completed for every piece but there are extra components to add as time goes on but nothing to my planning should be a massive problem. Originally I wanted to have all the bodies of work on separate plinths but with no idea of what will be going into the exhibition or subject, this is a situation that is played by ear. I have been fortunate in getting a readymade plinth all ready to go with a bit of paint touch up, although I am concerned that the height of the plinth is too low for work that I’d like to be in direct eyesight but I will see how a piece of each work looks in the exhibition and decide what to do next as I have the time to adjust but not the time to massively alter things if not mentioned now.


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