Wall mounted pieces

wall mounted pieces

The wall mounted pieces are the most recent addition to the work that will feature in the exhibition and the opening night and so on. This piece in a sense has taken the place of the resin and glass cased pieces that at this time last week were cured but the quality it needed to be and the quality it was at is to little time to get to standard, but will feature after assessment. These pieces were created as a result of collecting all of the broken and shattered pieces from previous 704 but mainly 806 firings which is the reason why the pieces break in the first place.

Due to struggles  with resin the mounted material was altered to  acrylic with the glass pieces glued with clear silicone putty. Due to the shape and unevenness of every piece some pieces like the flatter are easy to stick than fatter pieces that have moulded to the form of the roots and stems of the leaf. The only way to be able to get the pieces together is to use smaller parts and silicone them to bigger to give a more ranged space to apply silicone this means that the first and third image as shown are more concentrated than the second but it means that in the future using the same process this issue can be resolved.

Then there was another problem that as it is currently presented isn’t noticeable but if moved later will. Due to using more silicone due to the uneven glass surface the glue is in large blobs that once the protective coverings are removed and displayed to pure light every stain, scratch and blob of glue is exposed so if lit up the same problem will occur. So to solve this a lot more glass offcuts are needed and the side that is glued will need to be much darker than the material cover upfront to hide the silicone and add intrigue as to how the pieces are attached to the sheet.

Looking at the white piece in the middle the problem of clear silicone and clear glass material are not a good match for the reasons that problems have occurred in the other two pieces. Also the pieces due to being on a material of to similar a shade the material doesn’t stand out as much so a different colour will be used for the private view and beyond when using this process.



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