Press pack (Keychain)

As well as the content highlighted in the checklist for exhibition and the press pack I have added an extra piece to the pack. I’ve added a keychain with my logo and a cropped up close photo of one of my bowl pieces. Initially, I hope to sell these keychains once I have graduated for at least 50p each helping to make back money from the cost of the pack of keychains and also a handy memorabilia that will last long term and promote me in years to come. This is an example of the keychain and the images

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I’m really happy with the results especially as the images were printed on my home printer rather than through a company on high-quality photo paper. I have produced 12 of these pieces with a variation in the image of my work spread across. So far only three have been used and these are in the press pack the remaining 9 I will sell through potentially an online platform such as Etsy but given what it is I will most likely sell through craft fairs and see how they fair and potentially sell them with work as an incentive to create profit but also promote as much business avenues as well.


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