Small Bowls Moving forward

When sketching ideas for the bowls back in September I was aiming to create pieces that would be functional or decorative upon exhibiting in the exhibition. Now at the point of presenting the pieces, I don’t have functional objects but perhaps I have something better.

The small bowl pieces I have decided to define as a collective series that highlight the four elements found in nature being Earth, Air, Water, and fire. To give them a title I have called them ephemeral nature. The idea behind the pieces is to highlight the changes in our environment all around that due to the daily grind we don’t seem to stop and notice. To put this in context I highlighted an example to each of the four elements.

  • Air- We need to breathe but also polluted due to the pollution of air travel and vehicles. This highlights the idea of the changing atmosphere and the holes in the pieces symbolize the damage such as the ozone layer.
  • Earth – The planet we live on but also slowly being torn apart by natural events and demolition. this highlights the disappearance of earth and nature from the earth.
  • Water – the most natural substance on the planet. But also one of the easiest to pollute due to human waste and the changing chemicals in the environment.
  • Fire- the element that causes the most damage.  Caused by accident or from temperature spikes.

Given that these pieces are made in the kiln the element of fire is perhaps the most relatable due to heat but never the less they all share common similarities. Although the idea of the link to the material of glass and the elements of nature isn’t fully recognized this is something that perhaps makes the piece more valuable especially as there is no physical way to repeat the process and get the same result.



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