Small bowls

From subject the small bowl pieces have evolved from one single bowl piece that was an experiment in practice at the time that I was trying to manipulate to make into a functional and also decorative object. And now the piece is part of a collection as shown

3 bowls full 2

Before opening to the public at the end of May I need to re examine the pieces and do my best to remove a problem that has plagued the process from the beginning. This problem has been contact between the material and plaster. On a flat piece a sheet of kiln fire paper removes this problem however on a piece that needs to be slumped kiln fire paper is not as effective and the only other option was a dissolvent which is a mixture of vinegar, water and a steradent tablet.  Never the less I am really happy with the results and can see a lot of ideas coming from this starting point in the future and hopefully with a bit of practice I can replicate the process obviously getting a different result and find a way to create the piece as a functional/decorative object without compromising one thing for another.

Past exhibition I plan to evolve the pieces into a collection of different outcomes to create a collection from the idea of one piece so to speak.


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