Degree Show (First Two Days)

So far the degree show has run smoothly with plenty of interest all around. So far there has been plenty of praise for my work and the effect that the pieces have on the surface of the plinth and as a collective overall. From the 100 business cards printed 56 remain and I am concerned I will run out by Friday when the degree show comes down. Speaking to a large amount of the guests visiting the exhibition has been an exciting opportunity to see a fresh perspective based on an initial first impression.

One aspect that has been picked up is the fragility of the bowl pieces and a desire but no idea of how the pieces can be used which being sculptural and working well with light gives two values to use. At this moment in time, I am hesitant if the work is ready to sell or commission so I have decided to see how the degree show viewings go and any external events afterward.

Next week I am hoping to be in the uni making more pieces and trying processes that were not achievable by the time the degree show started whilst I still have access to the facilities for New Designers in June and Caerleon in July and any other events that may come along as time progresses.




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