Marks Algorithm

In previous conversations on Maker, the algorithm that calculates our degree mark has been highlighted. Our degree classification comes from all three marks across Subject, Field, and Constellation which all represent 40 credits. However, two keep their full value and one is cut in half as only the top 100 are needed. So mathematically it is possible to work out the grade you could get but there is no guarantee as any mark can be altered before being given. I decided to test out how from friends with math qualifications how this could work.

For definite I know that my dissertation gave me a 50 mark so the formula to work out this value is

0.40 x 50 = 20

Looking online I found a rough estimate of my other two marks and the overall average of the year together. These were the subject to approval marks

Subject = 53 (2.2 classification)

Field = 46 (3rd classification)

So the field mark would have half the value being the lowest grade awarded so the two algorithm formulas should be

0.40 x 53 = 21.2

0.20 x 46 = 9.2

21.2 + 9.2 + 20 = 50.4

Summative Feedback Grade Criteria

So if these marks are correct I fall just on the tip of the marks awarding a 2.2 which to be perfectly honest I would be happy to receive as I’ve always been told and made to believe a degree classification is worthless if you do nothing with it so what you do with it is more valuable than what you got you could say unless you need a certain grade.




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