Dissertation Ideas

For the past few days ive been reading through some books that I found through Summon and recommended by Martyn my constellation and dissertation tutor. At the moment find a question for the dissertation topic is difficult as the question practically is the entire essay condensed into one long question which isn’t exactly what I was hoping to happen as this makes me worry about writing the essay.

The basis of my essay was to examine the Material of Glass in the context of the theories of Juhanni Pallasmaa and Tim Ingold and a few others from outside of the constellation lectures. With the theories of these practitioners being on the physical hand making processes it would be a good idea to challenge them on the basis of how technology can prove and disprove their theories as well as show why technology can make and break us through the use of glass and evidence of experimental practice to link to the object that is half of the focus of the dissertation that is equally judged with the dissertation towards my final grade at the end of third year in Maker.I look forward to starting this process and although im coming to the end of my time on Maker im looking forward to the future possibilities that await.



Ideas for Make Your Mark

The Maker marketspace is expanding across the UK and abroad so finding your feet and where you sit on the market isn’t the easiest of tasks and once that hurdle is passed how do you sell yourself to potential buyers and potential employees now that’s the difficult Part.

At the moment I have mind mapped some ideas of what im thinking of doing in regards to materials, outcomes and meaning. I like the idea in my pieces of using materials that you dont necessarily think will work together and show that they can although if that doesn’t work I know why I couldn’t find any examples of it, I also like that they fulfill a purpose as well as something visually stunning. And if a meaning can be fitted in that fits the materials used and the objects than that’s smashing. For the Make Your Mark project im hoping to show:-

Development of processes and materials in

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • 3D printing
  • Metal

Also im hoping to gain better understanding in relation to my practice of

  • Throwing clay
  • Glass fusing
  • Compatibility of materials
  • 3D printing software
  • Laser cutting software
  • Textile software and physical processes

As well as other materials I aim to create a series of objects that fit to theme and purpose that I can link artist influence and my own practice to, at this moment im thinking of making objects such as vases and bowl or other functional objects as the idea of making pieces that have a Fine Art and Meaning worries me as this is what I tried to do first year and things didn’t go to plan at all. Fingers Crossed this wont happen this year.



Fimo Characters

With the exhibition finished at the Marriott I am pleased to have finally finished the work relating to the project. The fact that they remained in tact hopefully through the night has been a big relief to me, I admit that I really would need a lot longer to get a amazing look for them but time is never your friend and a general view of them was positive and hopefully those that attended the event felt the same. I hope to be able to work on my sculpting and modelling skills after the end of this academic year and build up a website showing the skills i have developed and I am still developing ready for graduation and competition on the market game on basically.

I’m not really sure what i want to do in the future, I have ideas of what id like to do but its a case of finding the best ways to do these things that is the long term problem but who knows what the future will bring just as long as i work hard for it that’s all I can do. I do want to work in the props market in the future and i hope that this is a good start as well as experience in actual companies to get yourself on the early steps of the career ladder. but im really enjoying what im doing and any possible opportunities that can come from it

New begginings

Hello and welcome to my world allow me to introduce myself I am Kierren Barnfield and at this moment in time I am studying Artist Designer Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan Llandaff.

And this is my blog Kierren Maker Matter

For the next three years and hopefully the future beyond I will be posting the day to day goings on of being a maker in Cardiff from the briefs, constellation, exhibition work , artist research the successes to the failures all of which I hope in time will make me the artist designer or maker I know I can one day achieve and look back on with pride and realise just how far I can go in this mad but brilliant world.

I hope that you enjoy and maybe even inspired as am I by the work I am currently making with processes, machinery and materials most of which I have never used before.

Feel free to leave any comments or opinions of my work and thank you for deciding to follow me on this journey to wherever I go. And good luck with your journey to come lets make it a blast.