Dissertation Hand – In

On Tuesday myself and my fellow makers and Cardiff Met School of Art and Design students will be handing in our drafts of our dissertations for formative assessment before the final deadline on January 24th. So far ive had difficulty starting and continuing the flow of the essay but I appear to have found my common ground and will present this idea to my tutor Martyn on the day and see whether this is doable or not and make any alterations and extra content ready for the deadline next year.


Exhibition talk with Pip and Huw

Yesterday as the end of second year arrived I had a short meet and discuss tutorial regarding the content on display in the exhibition, from my understanding this was to highlight your year and what you want to continue into next year and what you have learnt about yourself next year.

I was nervous for obvious reasons and explained my disappointment with Make Your Mark and the light along with the studio books but this was due to the confidence with them and the results as they are seen in exhibition. During the talk we covered pretty much everything on display and this is the basic breakdown

For Faking It and Work Experience I explained how the projects had affected me and the confidence of in the future being a propmaker and how the projects gave me insight into what the workplace is like and what it is like to work in a team to create an outcome.

There wasnt much discussion regarding questions to the medal although from past contact the imagery may need more refinement or a better understanding on the blog. However Pip was pleased that the problems of the original mould were solved even with the misfortunes of some of the lettering.

For Delight In Light huw was the tutor who saw me most and was pleased that I had tried my best following advice to complete the lamp and although the piece didn’t come completely together for exhibit it is something to learn from, another point that was mentioned was the accuracy of the costings of the piece which I wasnt sure would be appropriate but is something I can include and remember when I make the project next year again for the competition.

Make Your Mark was positive despite the misfortunes of the pieces and the potential is there but needs to be added to which is understandable and is something I am going to do anyway over the summer term due to wishing to continue to do glass in third year for the end of year pieces.

Overall I am really pleased by how well the talk appeared to go and despite a few knocks visually and verbally for the projects I am hopeful that this will achieve a worthy grade and I will take this onboard ready to think about next year.




PORTFOLIO coverage

In the growing market of makers of different backgrounds, ages and training the competition for selling, displaying and commissions is a tough market to break into however if you theres something that you really want in life giving up when it gets hard will only leave you regretting what could have been rather than enjoying what would have come.

As well as the prototype website I am Making to display all my works this year and any other pieces I make from this point onward I also tried my hand at designing a rough business card for display in the exhibition, At this point I’m not sure whether spending money on something that is going to be completely augmented next year is worth it at this point, and the likelyness of anyone picking up a card in the gallery and visiting next year isn’t very likely to look professional.

business card template

For a first attempt at making a business card im really pleased with the results and with my other pieces now complete and on display after the talk with my tutors Huw and Pip I will mention what I am intending to do and why certain things may be missing or not enough content of when the time comes. Regardless of what happens in the next few hours im happy to have reached the end and finished to extent all my pieces to exhibit which didn’t happen last year and i’ll take onboard what has been said and what needs to be improved in order to achieve the best I possibly can in third Year, although im not really sure what the talk today will cover and whether i’ll find out if ive done good or bad.


Make Your Mark woes

Going in on the weekend to take my pieces out of the kiln and place them over the top of the backwashed slumps taken from a bowl I discovered a rather unexpected result.


For reasons I dont entirely know large bubbles have formed in both the pieces that have in a sense to me spoilt the work that went into cutting and fritting the pieces which im not going to lie upset me. Speaking to Martin he stated that it’s not something to my understanding that I have done wrong myself just one of those things that he himself knew can happen but wasn’t expecting it to happen with my pieces. Nevertheless everyone who has seen the pieces really liked the way they looked despite this and the fact the bubbles were not an intended result. So for exhibition im going to have two bowls, both seen in the pics but will have absoluetly no idea what they will look like or even what the finished result will be and  I wont be able to get the results of this till tuesday the day before deadline. Despite this im not dissapointed but worried what the look of the piece will be in exhibit and how everyone will perceive them but time will tell im just happy to have all of my pieces moving forward and to my understanding based on events everything in the sense of outcome content will be featured in the exhibition. Either way i look forward to what is to come.


Make Your Mark Website prototyping

Whilst waiting for my materials to hopeful actually be delivered this time I began to research into the possible methods of exhibiting my work digitally to promote the works that will be in exhibition for the deadline on the 1st June. Due to all my pieces not being ready yet putting images on the website and producing physical documentation cannot be done for the obvious reason. Before I show the evidence basically according to the requirements of the brief I must

  • The format of presenting my work in the sense of will it be a physical folder portfolio or a digital website portfolio or both if deemed suitable.
  • What format will I be presenting my work in a flyer, a web page or a business card or a combination of the three.

Taking this into consideration I researched free platforms on the Internet that specialise in website design and found wix.com

wix.com loading screen

Loading screen.

wix.com option screen

options page for purpose of website to find the best starting look.

wix.com welcome screen

The copyrighted backdrop that will be altered and the original details.

wix.com editing welcome screen

Editing evidence loading screen and options tab.

wix.com finished welcome screen

Redesigning the title for my website.

wix.com introduction screen screen

Introducing myself.

wix.com BAMS screen

Discussing my outcomes and existing projects.

wix.com under construction screen screen

Reconstructing pages.

wix.com email screen screen

My accounts on social media links.

wix.com contact screen

Contact reference point.

Now I have to find an image of my own to use for the backdrop that will be suitable and I will be ready to upload the finished pieces onto my website and be more professional on display.


3D Lamp

To cover more skills in preparation for summative I made a 3d model of the hopeful as close as can accurately be made model of my lamp. This proved to be quite a challenge to do involving Charlie nearly not having a clue about what I was trying to achieve but regardless we got there and these are the videos from my youtube channel.

Monday I am hoping to get a 3d model done in CNC if possible and Rhino if the machines are working as long as I can get one I will be okay for summative

Summative Assessment and Exhibition

Next week is the final exhibition and final marking for the third year graduates so officially there is just over three weeks till 2nd year setup which unlike last year we will be put together in the space with first years meaning we have a bigger exhibition of work on display and more individuals work on display.

At the moment things are going as well as can be expected given a few setbacks but everything is pushing forward. We’ve all been given a checklist to follow of what we need to include in exhibition as follow:-

  • My medal for Bams
  • Delight in light outcome
  • Evidence of both of the field options in my case Work Experience and Faking IT
  • A short descriptor piece with every project to explain what has been done and any changes made that may affect the grade given for formative assessment.

Despite a few panic attacks im confident that the work will be to the best of my ability given the circumstances and the amount of time ive had with each project.As well as this I must present a five minute presentation about the work on display, what I feel about the work and where I see myself going in third year knowing me actually making it tht far