The Medal

For my medal I wanted to make the medal send the message of sustainability which is ironic as a lot of material was used and in a sense wasted during the making process to the end result. Throughout the year feedback was having difficulty in helping me and im sure my tutors would agree the idea was there but what was produced wasnt getting the home run approach a medal needs so it didn’t come together however despite this I learnt a valuable process in bronze and the time process a medal roughly takes through every stage give or take to the end.

Over the summer I will attempt to redesign a few possible ideas for the medal and hopefully enter the competition aspect of bams and if possible exhibit in Craft In The Bay but I will need to see one of my tutors to discuss this if possible and take things forward and fight my corner on this as this is a great piece of work to have for portfolio purposes and cv purposes if i can take advantage of the circumstances. Plus with the extra cushion of knowledge to fall on ill be more confident in what can be achieved in third year and in the live briefs than I did when the projects were first delivered.


Exhibition talk with Pip and Huw

Yesterday as the end of second year arrived I had a short meet and discuss tutorial regarding the content on display in the exhibition, from my understanding this was to highlight your year and what you want to continue into next year and what you have learnt about yourself next year.

I was nervous for obvious reasons and explained my disappointment with Make Your Mark and the light along with the studio books but this was due to the confidence with them and the results as they are seen in exhibition. During the talk we covered pretty much everything on display and this is the basic breakdown

For Faking It and Work Experience I explained how the projects had affected me and the confidence of in the future being a propmaker and how the projects gave me insight into what the workplace is like and what it is like to work in a team to create an outcome.

There wasnt much discussion regarding questions to the medal although from past contact the imagery may need more refinement or a better understanding on the blog. However Pip was pleased that the problems of the original mould were solved even with the misfortunes of some of the lettering.

For Delight In Light huw was the tutor who saw me most and was pleased that I had tried my best following advice to complete the lamp and although the piece didn’t come completely together for exhibit it is something to learn from, another point that was mentioned was the accuracy of the costings of the piece which I wasnt sure would be appropriate but is something I can include and remember when I make the project next year again for the competition.

Make Your Mark was positive despite the misfortunes of the pieces and the potential is there but needs to be added to which is understandable and is something I am going to do anyway over the summer term due to wishing to continue to do glass in third year for the end of year pieces.

Overall I am really pleased by how well the talk appeared to go and despite a few knocks visually and verbally for the projects I am hopeful that this will achieve a worthy grade and I will take this onboard ready to think about next year.




Bams Medal comparisons

Having successfully completed my second attempt of the medal I am really pleased with the results and being able to colour the bronze and have it on display has been a long awaited moment.

With the first model attempt it was sizably bigger and put together in a short rush moment of time which didn’t help the process and wasted a lot of time. Plus I was unable to remove some of the ceramic shell from the piece due to the quality of the mould surface having holes in it that weren’t covered before the first layer of liquid went on and after the first layer is on there is nothing you can do

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with the second medal there was a change of tactic this time around I cast a circular piece to use as the plain template of the medal, the lettering along the side remained the same, the tree part was a recast of the old mould and the fingers that were originally cast from my own were cast again but carved away to avoid material getting caught between the fingers which was one of the major problems last time. This being the final result:-

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Im pleased with both of the outcomes but im really glad that the second piece came out without any ceramic shell stuck on it, plus the blackened tone which can be made lighter with a bit of wire wool really makes the bark imprint of the study stand out. The message of the medal was that as a student we are all here to give ourselves a better chance or move us in the right direction to where we see ourselves in 5, 10 and 15 years time. The original idea was to make the imagery send the message of Sustainability which has still been achieved however I feel the piece focuses on the journey as students we are undertaking in the sense that the leaf represents us trying to grow into that dream ideology look of our future self and the hand can either be planting the seed or tearing it up meaning that you can make your future but you can also destroy it.



The Medal statement

The medal shows imagery of a hand and the sprout of a tree and no the other side a tree fully grown with the lettering YOUR FUTURE YOUR CHOICE around the outside. the medal focuses on the idea of sustainability and the human mind in the sense of are we planting the seed for our future to grow or will we destroy it.


The exhibition

By the end of the academic year for my own future reference I am aiming to have in the end of year exhibition :-

  • My updated BAMS medal displayed with the rest of Maker Level 5 medals on a separate aspect of the exhibit and my studio book with my display setup.


  • My completed prototype Lamp with the additional previous prototypes and design sheets with studiobook.


  • Work Experience photos as well as evidence on blog and anything else of relevance.


  • Faking IT a miniature version of my set in thin wood along with my studio book and display photos on location


  • Make Your Mark outcome along with studio book and accompanying items mentioned in the brief.

BAMS Medal

Speaking to Dallas the foundry technician today I discussed the plan of action for the remaining time left before exhibition.Dallas suggested that I put wire around the shape of the vessel covering my medal to give extra support during the burn out and pour part of the process, this is a safeguard due to the first time of doing a bronze pour half of the shells cracked under the pressure of the bronze being poured in.

This safeguard means that an additional two coats one of which has been done today of ceramic shell molochite are needed meaning a burnout tomorrow isnt going to happen and due to inductions in Fine Art makes things more challenging as well. However I will get to burn out the piece possibly on Friday and be bronze pouring Monday giving me the rest of the week to tidy it up and fix any problems that might have occurred. This is the results

End of week breakdown

This week has seen quite a few things going on through practically all the projects in consideration to outcomes and the exhibit as follows

  • For Bams I need to do two more coats of molochite before burning out, bronze pouring and pettining the surface so far everything has gone to plan and I hope it will remain that way.
  • Make your mark may have a slight alteration in what will be presented in the exhibition at the moment only one of my moulds is done and will be ready to use early next week and the leaves are being bisque fired next week.
  • Faking it I am intending to collect the images I have of the set and professionally document them for the exhibit with a smaller model of the set on display with the other existing work
  • Work experience I will be doing the same, updating the PowerPoint I made for presenting in first time and contacts of potential future placement providers and how the processes of Maker will help me gain the skills in career possibilities such as Prop Making.
  • Delight in Light is waiting for materials to be delivered and in this time im experimenting with the materials available to show why the methods of making the piece have changed and evolved to meet the needs of the brief and safety requirements of a small child audience.

despite things taking turns every so often im confident i’ll have a large body of work in my books, blog and website by the deadline in the exhibit hopefully a few days before if im lucky.