figure woes

With the deadline for faking it now over i do regret that the figures are not to the best standard i know i can achieve. The models were made with a wire armature model with plaster and paper applied to create the thickness. As these models would be displayed towards the top of the model the material had to be something that wouldnt break as there is an unavoidable risk that they may fall of during the event so a simplere material of paper was used but has reduced the quality. I feel that on the model i helped with what i could but did what i was sure about and left everyone in the group to do what they were confident in. when the feedback comes back im pretty certain i can guess what will be said and i will redo the figures in a more sturdier and higher quality piece. once this is achieved i will make them in a plaster cast and fill the inside with a weighted material and discuss with my group what the best way is to attach these models to the piece as the piece disassembles due to its size and can cause damage to the quality of the piece.


Setting up under the stairs (Faking it)

At this point the four of us pulled together what we had done at the time ready to mock setup to work out how things were going to go

Adele – brought the peach and the floor panel with imagery attached

Will – brought the parts of the building that were completed and sanded

Shannen – brought the frame of the backdrop and the lightbox

My contribution was the characters for the set but due to complications they weren’t dry in time but I helped out when I could but was mainly responsible for the model in digital aspect part of the project and making sure the construction overall wasn’t going to come into problems when setting up at the event. At this point ive pretty much panicked that the characters are not the best quality but at least they were done for deadline and once they’ve been assessed they can be redone. My only concern is that there isn’t much physical making on my part but I decided that the physical build needed a sturdy template to be molded to but time constraints made this difficult so a lesser quality or nothing were my options, but im happy to argue my case for these decisions if the feedback highlights this.

All I will say is that the quality was better and I was more confident and is merely a digital way of using skills by hand so it may not seem as much work as everyone else but it is just has to be viewed in another way.