The maker Guild (Craft in the Bay)

As well as Glass By Design there is a Student Association Scheme with Craft in the Bay that is looking to build closer relations to Artist Designer Maker and Cardiff School of Art and Design. Craft in the Bay to my understanding introduces two new members yearly and has built quite a variety in the displayed works.

The scheme allows those who apply and are selected to build relationships with the Maker Guild of Wales  and Craft in the Bay and helps with professional support, training and opportunities to build networks through maker guild membership.

Due to the fluidity of Craft in the Bay there are several glass artists already within which has helped me value how much artists working with the material charge and the size of the objects and look among other things are although I am aware that tax and gallery commission price adds to the cost seen on the ticket. I have spoken to two of the ladies that run the maker guild and surprisingly they recognise my name from the medal from second year which also went on their online webpage, I intend to message in the new year the gallery and see if I can arrange a placement as in the future I would like to see my business expand and maybe even employ staff of course this comes down to meeting the right people and being pushed in the right direction. This is a long term scenario so I am hopeful that this is a step in the right direction to make this idea more of a reality.


Faking IT Checklist

After all the frantic rushing to get things done myself and the group got the feedback from Bethan the Subject Leader for the Faking It project for Field

faking it feedbck 1

As shown we managed to achieve a 2:1 equivalent with our skills very nearly hitting a first level which is a level I haven’t been able to get to in the past two years with 4 projects last year and potentially 7 this year but im becoming more consistent with a 2:1 level which is a great achievement regardless. Along with every feedback sheet we were given pointers as to how we can improve given that this is only formative its very unlikely we can be knocked down a grade but there is also the possibility of moving up so fingers crossed I can achieve this. This is the feedback that Bethan gave myself and the group on the project.

faking it part 2 of 2

So points to consider where

  • The lighting of the backdrop
  • The creatures although I have my reasons and have since changed them
  • More experimental process is needed for characters and look in particular
  • The size of the overall display
  • Adding more to the peach such as a stem and its plumpness
  • Improve the impact of the bugs
  • Improve on the overall means of practically experimenting the idea

Despite all this it was a great project and experience that I wish I could do over that makes me want to fight more to work in the industry and the grade at the end of year, plus to have the Marriott setup on cv and the extra of the set being in Cardiff Bay at the Millennium Centre which is the only set that got that coverage to my knowledge was definitely a confidence booster for me given my worries and quality control over the figures as I recreated them along with everything else.

Faking IT Project Review

Faking IT ended up having the highest mark quality so far in two years of study with an overall 2:1 that very nearly was a 1st. The set had great feedback on the look and the characters, and ended up being requested for display in the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay as shown

For the end of year exhibition I intend to have all the characters remodelled and displayed on a peach with a wood stump base to symbolise the look shown in the movie James and the Giant Peach.

Medal in The Bay

After setting up in the Bay For Touch Trust I popped over to Craft in the Bay to see the display for the medals. Most of Maker knows that I was really upset about the finalised piece and the fact that the ceramic shell was still stuck in after several sandblasts but it was reasonably ready for display. After visiting I checked on the website for craft in the bay after seeing one of my friends from Maker post a picture of her medal from the Craft in the Bay website, and surprise surprise mine was one of the pictures up there I certainly wasn’t expecting that especially in comparison to the quality of those others in the exhibition but I wont argue with that so wahoo for me. Plus to actually see them in exhibition after all the things going on in uni feels rewarding that we made it to the end eventually.

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Craft in the Bay exhibition statement 

Individual interpretations of medals, created by Second Year students studying on the Artist Designer: Maker course at Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University. The work was made in response to the British Art Medal Society’s Annual Student Medal Project and is just one of the live briefs students undertake in their second year.

With access to a broad range of materials and equipment the students have explored and developed skills in bronze casting, 3D printing, ceramics, laser cutting in wood, metal and paper.

The Artist Designer: Maker course has making at its heart, allowing students to engage with practices drawn from a broad spectrum of creative disciplines including art, design and craft. The work displays the combination of traditional skills and the use of new technologies that is part of what makes this course so unique and exciting. Bridging the gap between traditional skills and new technologies, students work in a myriad of ways, including producing work for batch production, bespoke one-off pieces or manufacture.

We see evidence of concept and craft coming together in these small hand held sculptural artefacts.

A broad range of, skills, techniques and processes have been explored by the students in pursuit of their own vocabulary of making including:

metal – casting in bronze, and pewter, digital fabrication employing 3D scanning and printing, 3D digital modelling and laser cutting.

Themes include:

gender and equality, psychology, nature, growth and the journey, ecosystems and sustainability, fragility and protection, materiality, geometry and mathematics, the personal and the political.

Touch Trust

Touch Trust is a charity centred in the heart of Cardiff Bay that helps and supports the families and the individuals that suffer with learning disabilities and other such conditions that make it difficult to interact with others, but thanks to Touch Trust this is no longer the case.

The Trust gets individuals involved through meditation and interaction with musical instruments and helps them to interact in such ways in relation to a play and with it being the 100th celebrations of Roald Dahl James and the Giant Peach set from Faking It was used in the set up space. Touch Trust runs three performance events every year throughout the year which brings together those that suffer the most with disabilities and cannot get involved with activities that myself for example can do on a daily basis and helps them feel loved and involved as sadly society in general doesn’t take kindly to those that are significantly physically and mentally different but the charity is working and is proving to change that way of thinking. I really loved the performance and it was well worth the weeks it took to make the set for the marriott and transport down to the bay for this event. I hope to visit the charity and help out with their events in the future which will help me with confidence about the quality of my work and the public viewing it.