What makes a Maker

Looking back on the past three years there has been quite a lot to think about. It hasn’t been the easiest process but what is let’s be honest. This year has proven to be challenging personally and physically as there has been a lot of hurdles to jump over and now the rest of the journey awaits. I’ve received a lot of setbacks on my work but a lot of praise and positivity towards my work this year which has definitely helped me get the work to the exhibition. Bizarrely as stated in my presentation to my tutors all of the work I’ve displayed this year is nothing like I wanted it to be which has made it better but also make me wonder how this is going to affect any future plans and project ideas but that’s the future. After the degree, I’m not sure what will happen but I’m happy that the adventure to get there will certainly be interesting.


The book

On Monday due to glitches, I am getting my book printed in the print studio at Cardiff Met. My book is a combination of sketch and artist book combined in the sense of sketches like you would a sketchbook but laid out like a book you’d expect to find in a library artistic wise. As of yet there are a few alterations to make for the degree show but after the degree, I will be revising the book after the degree but I will see what can be done with what I have come Monday.

Week to go

With just over a week to go despite the problems along the way, things are looking to be coming together nicely. There are a few outstanding objectives to get done by next Friday but these are easily fixable at this moment in time. These are the outstanding commitments

  • Exhibition – Wall-mounted pieces need extra material and then remounted on the wall.
  • All pieces need lighting or arranged in a way to get the best result.
  • Book needs to be delivered.
  • Business card images and postcards are to be reprinted.
  • Contact businesses for outstanding responses
  • Check that everything else including the above is complete and to standard.

Craft in the Bay (Student Association Scheme)

To cover myself and have a body of opportunities lined up for the assessment professional practice module I applied for INC space but also a program running with Craft in the Bay known as the student association scheme. I responded to the email given but have yet to have a reply so I have messaged again. Due to the failure, this academic year for INC space I’ve decided that if it’s possible what have I got to lose.

Inc Space Application Results

On April 28th as part of my professional practice, I applied as part of the open application process for a place on the inc space program. This time round my application was unsuccessful as it was valued that I would need extra time in order to assess the idea for my business which in respect I had already mentioned to the academic team. Upon graduation, I will be looking to bolster up my cv with paid experience in the form of jobs and such and getting in contact with galleries.

Allocated a Space

On Friday after a group meeting with the rest of Maker and my tutors some of us were given a rough idea of the space we would be positioned in. The exhibition, unlike previous years, is going to be setup with an area for work that requires darker light density and then a more lit space area that isn’t requiring a dark setting.

During the talk as well as one to one discussion with Jon and Ingrid my work was identified as being a key individual for this space due to the play of light in the work. So far something has been completed for every piece but there are extra components to add as time goes on but nothing to my planning should be a massive problem. Originally I wanted to have all the bodies of work on separate plinths but with no idea of what will be going into the exhibition or subject, this is a situation that is played by ear. I have been fortunate in getting a readymade plinth all ready to go with a bit of paint touch up, although I am concerned that the height of the plinth is too low for work that I’d like to be in direct eyesight but I will see how a piece of each work looks in the exhibition and decide what to do next as I have the time to adjust but not the time to massively alter things if not mentioned now.

Presspack Update

My press pack for the degree show deadline is coming along nicely. Admittedly some areas are still fine tuning but this is to be expected if the best result is desired. For my press pack, I have tried to compile suitable high-quality work that shows the skills I have and the variety of work and skills I have on offer to the market as a freelance or contracted individual. For the deadline, I  have compiled a list like with every aspect of the sketchbooks to the degree show hanging of what each area contains and the current status of each area. This is the checklist of the press pack

  • CV (In progress – speaking to cv writing department in Cardiff Met)
  • Postcard (In progress – potentially completed on Monday)
  • Business card (In progress – Potentially completed on Monday)
  • Memory Stick with high-quality photos (In progress – Potentially completed Monday)
  • Any active applications (Completed – To upload on blog)
  • Example of web presence (Completed – to upload on blog and print in book

So far there are mainly print awaiting points and nothing is really a large problem so I’m hopeful to be done by Monday or Tuesday at the latest dependent on what happens over the course of the week.