Marks Algorithm

In previous conversations on Maker, the algorithm that calculates our degree mark has been highlighted. Our degree classification comes from all three marks across Subject, Field, and Constellation which all represent 40 credits. However, two keep their full value and one is cut in half as only the top 100 are needed. So mathematically it is possible to work out the grade you could get but there is no guarantee as any mark can be altered before being given. I decided to test out how from friends with math qualifications how this could work.

For definite I know that my dissertation gave me a 50 mark so the formula to work out this value is

0.40 x 50 = 20

Looking online I found a rough estimate of my other two marks and the overall average of the year together. These were the subject to approval marks

Subject = 53 (2.2 classification)

Field = 46 (3rd classification)

So the fieldĀ mark would have half the value being the lowest grade awarded so the two algorithm formulas should be

0.40 x 53 = 21.2

0.20 x 46 = 9.2

21.2 + 9.2 + 20 = 50.4

Summative Feedback Grade Criteria

So if these marks are correct I fall just on the tip of the marks awarding a 2.2 which to be perfectly honest I would be happy to receive as I’ve always been told and made to believe a degree classification is worthless if you do nothing with it so what you do with it is more valuable than what you got you could say unless you need a certain grade.




Field level 6 (New Brief)

Having completed the first term of Level 6, the second term now leads to the field module. Unlike previous modules their Is more a series of goals to achieve than a list of objectives to my understanding. With this being my final year and essentially brief for Artist Designer Maker the focus is more on what it is I want to make and specialise in now and after graduation.

Having had to postpone my Formative assessment for Subject (Level 6) for personal reasons much like dissertation the ideas of what I want to do have been in my mind a lot more than usual but at this point I am focusing on completing any outstanding work in sketchbooks and my blog as well as extra criteria to bring into both my subject mark and Field mark to help me push more into a higher grade of work as since starting Maker I’ve been sitting on the fence of both a 2.2 and 2.1 benchmark with not much of a difference in marks although at this point I don’t actually know yet what my feedback will say but can roughly guess.

Dissertation Breakdown

Next Tuesday will be the formative hand in for the Dissertation/Constellation Module which I am to hand in all that I have done no matter what format that is to be valued see what works, see what doesn’t and so on. Speaking to Martyn even last year to be precise my idea and the whole point of this Dissertation has been difficult to piece together and if this is how I feel who knows what anyone else is going through. As I collect and read through more material I believe the idea is becoming clearer and is more focused now on how a broad philosophical theory which Phenomenology is has such a big impact on what I do and think as a Maker. So for the dissertation I selected the 6,000 words and artefact option which may be seen as the easier option but making hasn’t been easy for me and the fact that the object must link to the dissertation means that there is an additional two challenges to the one of the dissertation itself. But I remain confident and will try my best with this challenge and see what my feedback says and suggest whether it is better to do the full 8,000 words to 10,000 words or concentrate on the artefact and 6,000 words option. To simplify and ensure I have the correct layout for the formative as well as the official final document I came up with a rough layout plan and during tutorials highlighted what was necessary and what wasnt or was but needed to be altered to fit in with the rest. And this is the final plan layout of 4,000 words with the remaining 2,000 and the artefact to be discussed afterwards :-

  • What is Phenomenology and phenomenology of glass
  • Why is this important and relevant to my studies and ethos and how does this help me understand the material of glass.
  • How an object is phenomenological and can be made that way

This would cover the opening 500 words of the dissertation followed by the first bulk part of around 2,000 words

  • Introducing Phenomenology
  • The theory and methods of Edmund Husserl
  • The Theory and methods of Maurice Merleau Ponty
  • How are objects phenomenological

Following that with the bulk of the research in place I would move onto:-

  • The phenomenology of glass
  • Don Ihde

Which would leave me with the remaining word count to focus on the object and the findings overall combined with the theoretical discoveries and arguments of Maurice Merleau Ponty and Edward Husrel


Dissertation Planning

With the Formative hand in after the coming week things are getting more and more real in an exciting and terrifying way. My dissertation topic point has been and is still causing me problems but I believe I have found a way to channel a problem to create an idea and a practical outcome that I can collaborate with my exhibit work on Maker. The basis of my dissertation is on the philosophy of Phenomenology and the material of glass using the practical philosophies and opinions of Edmund Husserl and Maurice Merleau Ponty which will be able to give myself a better understanding of my relationship with the objects I make, what they mean and the psychological meaning they have on me and the message I would like these pieces to have on the audience and any potential buyers of my work. My tutorials of recent have highlighted that I am expected to have the minimum of 4,500 words with the remaining 1,500 covered after the deadline due to this being focused on the artefact that will accompany that will be focus of the 4,500 words and 1,500 word combined, but until this has been proofread and annotated remains static until feedback on the dissertation so far has occurred.

For my artefact/object im looking to create a piece that embodies both sides of my way of thinking when presented with a topic and allows adaption to achieve a goal whilst challenging to complete that goal. this as I can imagine reading it is difficult but will prove rewarding in more ways than one for future endeavours.

Dissertation Begins

With second year Maker over my attention is now mainly on the Dissertation and the task set by my tutors on Maker in Preparation for third year. For my dissertation Martyn my constellation tutor has been a massive help and to get a 67% mark which is only 3% from a 1st equivalent is an achievement in my eyes and a goal setter for the actual dissertation itself.

If im honest due to the feedback on my making quality a outcome piece alongside the dissertation is a cause for concern and how the link between the artefact and the essay itself link im not fully sure of but will probably have a better idea of when ive started. Speaking to Clive Cazeaux who specialises in the higher level of study more along the lines of masters and PHD qualification was able to give me key points that I wouldn’t have got through my own research.

Dissertation Prep Meeting

Last week whilst working on my medal my friend received an email regarding the constellation dissertation prep form. last month in preparation for February of next year I will be handing in my dissertation final piece and keeping fingers crossed that it’s as good as I know I can Achieve. I’ve decided to focus on phenomenology and glass and how compared to other materials and theories of making there is uncertainty to the material.

Even typing this ive not entirely figured out the end all result of this essay or what the outcome/artefact that will go along with it will be like but I have a few means of getting to this stage that I will bring up when the time comes.

Despite this im hopeful that despite a few problems that will occur there is enough to pass the 40% mark needed and enough to progress to discussing with Martyn how to structure the essay. I’m more confident to be doing the 6,000 word essay and artefact than the full 8,000 – 10,000 word piece as I feel that the Making/Writing option better suits as last year showed that my making abilities fell behind my writing abilities and I have a feeling this year will be the opposite.

Due to being unable to access certain books and speaking to certain individuals around the uni I was unable to put everything in and the confidence will be obviously shown lacking in the form but I will be adding in the bits that I now have to the discussion that will hopefully neutralise these concerns should they come up.


Making Progress

Like last year we have reached the point where 3rd year makers and students across the courses and disciplines are putting up there end of year exhibitions. This means that there is a lot of stressing and difficulty getting into workshops due to technicians helping with setup, which is a blessing to catch up on other things in books and blog. I feel more confident and despite a few hiccups things will go better this year. For the exhibition I wanted to include as much as I can professionally showing the processes of making the outcomes while following the approach less is more. Also ive been setting up accounts on several social media outlets and following some of my fellow maker friends in preparation for third year and the possibilities that will come.

So far there have been a few problems that have required a bit of thinking he says sarcastically, mainly due to processes that should work not so much playing ball but never the less are actually producing functional outcomes so well worth the worry im currently going through.

So far with just under 5 weeks to go till setup this is my current situation

  • My BAMS medal recast is 50 percent done and will be on a tree and halfway through the layering ceramic shell process by the end of next week and hopefully burnt out and bronzed the following week and that’s all I need to add to the book to complete the project as well as photos of the piece in exhibition.Im also debating doing a new medal next year to enter BAMS that will be as detailed but simpler than this year


  • Faking It is in need of a few modifications and im not sure whether the full set can be featured in the exhibition due to its overpowering size and pain in the backside to move. I am also redoing the characters to put forward for the start of a prop making sculpt portfolio if all goes well. Although I have the suspicion that a mini version will be created for the exhibition which will be an interesting addition to add.


  • Delight in light has been a problem for a while but is getting to a finished idea rather faster than expected, I am having trouble getting the pieces to stick together for the prototype functional model and the design sheets are outstanding but all the work for them has been done and is all that remains to do for the book. Plus im debating altering the outcome and entering the competition for delight in light next year.


  • Make your Mark I am planning to have two sets of outcomes with a connection to nature and objects that will have functional purpose to them and show a potential are I am thinking of going into in third year for graduation. As well as the book ive been looking into website layouts and business cards to put forward this year and retweak ready for next year. And along with this will be evidence of my work displaying over social media to see what the general view and opinion is.


  • Work Experience was an experience I wish I could redo but at the same time I wouldn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wild Creations getting up close to a velociraptor and helping making props and sets for tight deadlines ready to be shipped to their final destinations. I will be going back to Wild Creations at some point in the future and will try to reach out and contact other companies not just in relation to props but other areas of interest to give me a good variety of options to go for after graduating. As well as my book from work experience im hoping to produce an outcome and create this outcome using the process that a professional propmaker would do in the workplace. Whether this is doable i dont really know but time will tell.

Finally im looking into applying for Pewter Live next year and any other competitions that come about and pretty much enjoying the time I have left in Cardiff and my fellow Maker friends, I should be getting the feedback from constellation soon as well, im pretty sure it will be good and bad but providing it doesn’t fail I should be in a good place for writing the dissertation over june to september ready for third year again time will tell and I hope that constellation wont be my downfall this year when it was my crowning achievement last year.