Plan moving Forward

Due to circumstances out of my control I had to postpone formative till the new year which means that although in a sense I have more time in fact I have got less in another but based on feedback from tutors as will as fellow maker friends I seem to be going okay, I do not believe them but yeah that is nothing out of the unusual. Before Christmas I was told and advised if I intend to create a collection of objects such as bowls, vases plates and such in order to have something of standard I need to concentrate on one type of object and have an outcome complete rather than three different types of object but nothing complete which I have achieved with the bowls respectively.

Next term when formative will occur I hope to be able to show a more focused and visual plan of what I want to achieve for the remainder of the course and how my tutors can help me with what I want to achieve as with the materials I work with the result and expectation go against each other but produce results that are unique in their own. I’ve managed to produce a few test and one finalised piece as seen below which is my artefact for presentation for next term and intend to work on this and add my further ideas to be able to advance further in preparation for the final deadline in May and the potential of being picked for display at New Designers, and other events and possibilities beyond.


Facebook Website

In order to start promoting and get an idea of how social media can help promote and advertise me and my work I created a Facebook Website much like some of my fellow Makers have which respectively allows me to see how well and far my posts are travelling on social media and what better place to start than Facebook that connects you to millions of people instantaneously. With this being a first attempt the look and feel of this page will alter and redesign over time as I gain more confidence and understanding of success through media but I like to think ive made the best start possible.    websiteabbies-image-for-instagram

And to promote ive attached the most recent works like the piece above to show the current stages of work at this moment in time.

Made By Hand 2016/Subject Research Level 6

For the past two years since joining Maker ive visited and helped with setting up in any way I can with Sarah James and Made By Hand. Made by hand without doubt is no easy event to pull of but is a fantastic day visit if ever around Cardiff at the end of October. Made by Hand brings together artists from all across the Uk primarily 60% or so being from Wales alone. This year due to the importance of time and the ending of my degree on the horizon I didn’t volunteer but I’m hoping that given the way the Cardiff stall has changed I will be able to present my work in the Maker stall next october with Made By Hand. In order to link my work that at this moment in time is experimental ive looked through the separate parts of the stall criteria for Made By Hand and highlighted artists and companies that link to the ideas that I would like to bring out in my work for Formative submission in December and Summative in early May next year. These were the few I came across

Covering a few areas of interest mainly due to the possibilities of cross technique experiments  and such throughout my sketchbook and through the cabinet ive been trying to create experiments that highlight this and whether these in themselves focus on objects even though im not intending them to for the sake of the stage im at in the process.

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Presentation Thursday

This thursday myself and a group of fellow makers will be presenting our ideas for the end of year individual presentation and the end of year exhibition in May of next year. The purpose of this small group talk is to discuss the ideas presented in the presentation at the start of term and the object from the cabinet and what is intended for the next few weeks leading up to the December presentation for formative assessment.

The Idea

over the summer term and through visiting galleries focused more on craft, functional and also decorative pieces I began to collect ideas for my ideal objects. For me my ideal object would be something that can be adapted throughout time but also adapt to how objects like people change through time. In particular I mean that the material of glass is highly valued as an artistic material for decorative and functional pieces on the market. But through the seminars at the beginning of the week on Maker the idea is becoming more problematic in not just what is going to be the pieces I make but their relation to what is already out there and what the practical experiments will make. But like everyone else time will tell on that one. My priority is to produce ways to demonstrate the idea of the piece to my tutors and fellow makers in preparations for tutorials and the formative assessment in December.


Darrington Crystal

Over the summer term holidays ive booked a workshop that allows me to have a go at glassblowing a glass drinking vessel. Given the dangers and the price of the process the majority of facilities that can hold and use these processes are situated in America but there are a few in the uk that are sole traders and producers in this process. Glassblowing is a process that interests me mainly because once you’ve got a vast amount of experience under your belt the limits you can achieve are only limited to whether the material will allow you to and whether it will withstand it.

darrington page 1darrington page 2

I’m looking forward to what the experience will hold and whether I make a success or muck of it i’ll be able to see what it is like on a daily basis for those that work as glassblowers.

Discussion with Martyn (Make Your Mark)

After the discussion with Pip I discussed with Martyn my ideas for the outcome results and expectations of the Make Your Mark Project. For my individual practice I try to emphasise a meaning within the materials I use and the look of the objects in that respect. The use of nature like objects and materials such as leaves, pine cones shells as examples has been something I have loved using in my outcomes dating back to GCSE.

My ideal outcome which is something im looking to develop further in 3rd year and beyond is useable functional objects such as bowls and vase like objects. I wish to show that i take these objects from their natural place or origin that is their natural surroundings and place them in my objects that reflect natural looks within the home environment bringing ourselves and nature closer together.

I have ordered a selection of glass frits which is glass that has smashed into small pieces to create the effect and colour of leaves that in my final exhibition I can put along side of my finished outcome. Also im hoping by my next tutorial to have a 3D printed aspect of my designs to show and any testers that are finished in time, to see if the standard that is hoped for is being achieved ready for exhibit at the end of year and use in the rest of the areas I need to cover in Make Your Mark.

Make Your Mark Tutorial rundown

Yesterday I had a talk with pip regarding the progress made with Make Your Mark ideas and outcomes. I briefly showed some of the ideas I had in rough form and the artists these ideas are influenced on and how these when coming to critique can link to one and other and why this relates to my individual practice and ideas for future outcomes.

Pip believed that I needed to be more complex with my ideas as the early studies that I had shown on the day showed detail and my ideas and means of ways to put these pieces together but there wasn’t enough on them and from a professional perspective you would look at the design now and in an exhibition it would practically look out-of-place. Pip stated that i needed to be more confident and really go for the ideas if I want to prove ive come back stronger than the events of first year.

Taking this into account I went over in my head the ideas and what I would potentially want to make and refined the ideas to make them look more professional. Hopefully along with the rest of the portfolio work for this project and the rest of the other projects there will be a large body of work that shows my skills as a maker but also as a props maker as im torn between two paths a material one and a more practical job related path, however I think that may be beneficial for the market that as a Maker I will be graduating into.