Made By Hand 2016/Subject Research Level 6

For the past two years since joining Maker ive visited and helped with setting up in any way I can with Sarah James and Made By Hand. Made by hand without doubt is no easy event to pull of but is a fantastic day visit if ever around Cardiff at the end of October. Made by Hand brings together artists from all across the Uk primarily 60% or so being from Wales alone. This year due to the importance of time and the ending of my degree on the horizon I didn’t volunteer but I’m hoping that given the way the Cardiff stall has changed I will be able to present my work in the Maker stall next october with Made By Hand. In order to link my work that at this moment in time is experimental ive looked through the separate parts of the stall criteria for Made By Hand and highlighted artists and companies that link to the ideas that I would like to bring out in my work for Formative submission in December and Summative in early May next year. These were the few I came across

Covering a few areas of interest mainly due to the possibilities of cross technique experiments  and such throughout my sketchbook and through the cabinet ive been trying to create experiments that highlight this and whether these in themselves focus on objects even though im not intending them to for the sake of the stage im at in the process.

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The exhibition

By the end of the academic year for my own future reference I am aiming to have in the end of year exhibition :-

  • My updated BAMS medal displayed with the rest of Maker Level 5 medals on a separate aspect of the exhibit and my studio book with my display setup.


  • My completed prototype Lamp with the additional previous prototypes and design sheets with studiobook.


  • Work Experience photos as well as evidence on blog and anything else of relevance.


  • Faking IT a miniature version of my set in thin wood along with my studio book and display photos on location


  • Make Your Mark outcome along with studio book and accompanying items mentioned in the brief.

Change of Plans

Given the shortening deadline and the problems that have been cropping up as they do with the projects and has made me rethink what I want to put in the exhibition for the end of second year Maker.

  • Faking It – For Faking it due to the size of the overall piece Pip has stated that a smaller scale copy of the piece would be more beneficial and along with these im redoing the characters and giving them their own individual stands in the exhibit which will help towards my modeling skills with Maker and Prop making for potential employment. after graduation.
  • Work Experience – For Work experience ive created a book that covers everything I did, saw and helped with whilst on placement as well as how I can while on Maker and with access to specialist equipment I can recreate these processes like a professional would  as well as evidence of contacting existing artists and prop related companies to help with my skills in props and quality control as well as the materials I use on Maker.

Delight in light and BAMS at this moment in time I am confident I can complete all of the goals I have set out to achieve and that were covered in the feedback sheets as areas of improvement.

Make Your Mark Tutorial rundown

Yesterday I had a talk with pip regarding the progress made with Make Your Mark ideas and outcomes. I briefly showed some of the ideas I had in rough form and the artists these ideas are influenced on and how these when coming to critique can link to one and other and why this relates to my individual practice and ideas for future outcomes.

Pip believed that I needed to be more complex with my ideas as the early studies that I had shown on the day showed detail and my ideas and means of ways to put these pieces together but there wasn’t enough on them and from a professional perspective you would look at the design now and in an exhibition it would practically look out-of-place. Pip stated that i needed to be more confident and really go for the ideas if I want to prove ive come back stronger than the events of first year.

Taking this into account I went over in my head the ideas and what I would potentially want to make and refined the ideas to make them look more professional. Hopefully along with the rest of the portfolio work for this project and the rest of the other projects there will be a large body of work that shows my skills as a maker but also as a props maker as im torn between two paths a material one and a more practical job related path, however I think that may be beneficial for the market that as a Maker I will be graduating into.

The Plan – What I need to get done

With not long left im trying to pull out all the stops to get as much work done as possible all to the same high standard that is expected and I know I can achieve. Last week I spoke to martyn the main technician for Maker about ideas for outcomes involving glass and possibly other materials but mainly glass as the overall material used. Hopefully if setup went to plan I can sit down with Martyn and discuss these ideas and work out the materials I need to order for what I want to achieve, what tests I need to do and where is the best place to order materials and if these materials are compatible. As well as this I spoke to Maff one of the technicians of Soft Modelling thats expertise is in Laser Cutting about my lamp

Of the top of my head this I what I believe I need to do practically

  • Woodturning for Faking IT and delight in light for experimental processes
  • Collecting and ordering materials such as glass, resin and moulding materials
  • Plaster lathe turning for Faking IT and Make Your Mark

This is some of the processes I need to get done this week coming at a push a week tomorrow or im in trouble and I really hope that wont happen this year. Despite the workload and everything else that is coming up or will surprise me im really looking forward to seeing all my work and fellow maker work in exhibition and potential future exhibitors picking you out of the crowd through your work.


Make your Mark project Review

With time running short ive decided to create 2 series of four objects, one being a series of four bowl vase outcomes and the other being vessels for light for tables and the possibility of being attached to the wall. This is as far as i have got but will be looking into further exploration.

Delight in Light

Delight in Light has proved to be quite a problem and ive managed to get a marquette and prototype and rough materials together and a vague idea of what to have on the design sheets but I need to concentrate to get this finished with a working prototype for exhibition. I also hope to have a chance of entering the competition for Delight in Light next year.