The Lamp

Looking at the feedback the lamp project came the most under fire for a few problems that relate to the piece being unfinished and quality issues overall. Looking back im glad I stuck with the child’s lamp idea as I believe and the feedback did say there is potential but the errors and quality presented dragged it down. I still intend to make a high quality version of the lamp for my nephew and answer the questions in the feedback that were misunderstood and why what I produced for the end of year exhibition didn’t help me and how the new development will show a better understanding of the quality and context of the ideas although the context area has always been a struggle for me and with improvement I feel will be my area of weaknesses in the future even as a professional Maker which I see myself as rather than a designer or an Artist.

I also Intend to create a series of designs and through those select one that I will trial and error for entering the competition and will seek the advice of one of my tutors most likely huw for quality and the best possible portfolio of work to enter plus like the medal will be the perfect item to use in portfolio.


Lamp problems

With the exhibition now on as much as I can do for the project has been done but unfortunately the lamp has struggled to get there since the get go, The design of the piece isn’t the problem it’s more the pressure that the material perspex can take when heated and bent before it either burns, snaps or warps and is unuseable. This exact problem has happened to the top part of the piece and has snapped the piece in two ¬†and due to this I am unable to heat bend this anymore and will have to be recut again by hand or by laser cutter when one becomes available. but this will probably be tomorrow or friday before the exhibit.

Delight in Light Statement (Rewritten)

My light (Creative Spark) is a transportable and movable bedside lamp for all children between the ages of 4-8,the piece is intended to be used as a light as well as a holder for pencils,felts and other materials on the go and when at home, having materials attached is a unique selling point and being usable when portable is another. This piece sets apart from the rest as it reinvents a classic artist object and makes it appealing and interesting to a young child. As well as this it has many functions and as a selling price I would put this as between 25 to 35 pound.

Delight In Light Statement (draft)*

My entry for the Delight In Light project titled (Creative Spark) is intended for an audience of children of both sexes between the ages of 4-8 the concept of the piece is to be a bedside table lamp that acts as a lamp but also a storage unit and portable material carrier of pencils,felts and other equipment. My intention is to make this piece suitable to have as a bedside lamp and also a portable material piece for journeys in a car which is a unique selling point and no other product I have found in my research has materials attached to the side and detachable slots making another unique selling point. This piece is set apart from the rest being something that takes a Classic object that all artists in some shape and form use and reinvents it in my own way looking decorative, colourful, fitting a purpose and a visually interesting piece to look at. The entire piece is made of Acrylic Perspex which sustains heat but on a lower wattage than originally intended and is charged by a battery. This piece works as a slightly dimmer version of a standard light due to heat reduction and the audience the piece is intended for. At a cost market i would put this piece on market between the price of 30 to 35 pound.

3D Lamp

To cover more skills in preparation for summative I made a 3d model of the hopeful as close as can accurately be made model of my lamp. This proved to be quite a challenge to do involving Charlie nearly not having a clue about what I was trying to achieve but regardless we got there and these are the videos from my youtube channel.

Monday I am hoping to get a 3d model done in CNC if possible and Rhino if the machines are working as long as I can get one I will be okay for summative

The exhibition

By the end of the academic year for my own future reference I am aiming to have in the end of year exhibition :-

  • My updated BAMS medal displayed with the rest of Maker Level 5 medals on a separate aspect of the exhibit and my studio book with my display setup.


  • My completed prototype Lamp with the additional previous prototypes and design sheets with studiobook.


  • Work Experience photos as well as evidence on blog and anything else of relevance.


  • Faking IT a miniature version of my set in thin wood along with my studio book and display photos on location


  • Make Your Mark outcome along with studio book and accompanying items mentioned in the brief.

Delight in Light update

With the materials for the lamp now arrived I have now booked one of the laser cutters in the uni ready for Monday to laser cut the pieces of my lamp. I was hoping to have the 3d model printed on the Ultimaker Printers in soft modelling but due to consistent booking and consistent use not one of the three machines is working so my model is going to be 3d designed on the cnc machines which is a nice curveball as I was looking for an opportunity to use them but one that was suitable had not come up. Looking at the model of the lamp I feel that I will shorten very marginally the size of the panels to ensure that the entire piece fits on the card and can visually be seen to do so as im not sure this was achieved in the first attempt. Despite this I managed to get all the pieces together as close to what I wanted to get for the lamp ready for talking with Huw next Thursday regarding the design sheets