Lights (Subject Level 6)



Through my tutorials since the beginning of third year there has been not just in my fellow makers but also tutors eyes of a broad range of outcome potentials, most noticeably in Lights.

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Through companies like Craft in the Bay I believe this influence has become more realised. Honestly having had a rough time with the Delight In Light project last year the idea of making lights was off putting. However the potential scope and uniqueness of the pieces I’ve made so far that could change my mind on that way of thinking. Also with my overall focus being on objects that are decorative and functional or a mixture of the two this is a perfect opportunity to show what I can do.

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These were a few early experiments playing with the ideas of shape and also light and the way material works with light. Having completed a few good quality test pieces before Christmas I’m now looking to book the university’s photography space to test out light and the pieces reaction to it. Also to link in my artists research ill be attempting to create forms out of actual leaves if this is possible much like Kay Sekimachi work below


I’m looking forward to this way of working and hope to be able to draw together new ways of making and techniques on top of the knowledge I already have at this point in time.





Field level 6 (New Brief)

Having completed the first term of Level 6, the second term now leads to the field module. Unlike previous modules their Is more a series of goals to achieve than a list of objectives to my understanding. With this being my final year and essentially brief for Artist Designer Maker the focus is more on what it is I want to make and specialise in now and after graduation.

Having had to postpone my Formative assessment for Subject (Level 6) for personal reasons much like dissertation the ideas of what I want to do have been in my mind a lot more than usual but at this point I am focusing on completing any outstanding work in sketchbooks and my blog as well as extra criteria to bring into both my subject mark and Field mark to help me push more into a higher grade of work as since starting Maker I’ve been sitting on the fence of both a 2.2 and 2.1 benchmark with not much of a difference in marks although at this point I don’t actually know yet what my feedback will say but can roughly guess.

Facebook Website

In order to start promoting and get an idea of how social media can help promote and advertise me and my work I created a Facebook Website much like some of my fellow Makers have which respectively allows me to see how well and far my posts are travelling on social media and what better place to start than Facebook that connects you to millions of people instantaneously. With this being a first attempt the look and feel of this page will alter and redesign over time as I gain more confidence and understanding of success through media but I like to think ive made the best start possible.    websiteabbies-image-for-instagram

And to promote ive attached the most recent works like the piece above to show the current stages of work at this moment in time.

Made By Hand 2016/Subject Research Level 6

For the past two years since joining Maker ive visited and helped with setting up in any way I can with Sarah James and Made By Hand. Made by hand without doubt is no easy event to pull of but is a fantastic day visit if ever around Cardiff at the end of October. Made by Hand brings together artists from all across the Uk primarily 60% or so being from Wales alone. This year due to the importance of time and the ending of my degree on the horizon I didn’t volunteer but I’m hoping that given the way the Cardiff stall has changed I will be able to present my work in the Maker stall next october with Made By Hand. In order to link my work that at this moment in time is experimental ive looked through the separate parts of the stall criteria for Made By Hand and highlighted artists and companies that link to the ideas that I would like to bring out in my work for Formative submission in December and Summative in early May next year. These were the few I came across

Covering a few areas of interest mainly due to the possibilities of cross technique experiments  and such throughout my sketchbook and through the cabinet ive been trying to create experiments that highlight this and whether these in themselves focus on objects even though im not intending them to for the sake of the stage im at in the process.

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Advice from tutorial

From my presentation to a small group of fellow makers last week there was confusion but also understanding about what I was intending to present in December and hoping to achieve in May for the final year exhibition. Watching other Makers presentations and looking through my own I was drawn more to functional but as well as that decorative pieces which is a difficult balance as functional doesn’t really require pattern but pattern and detail makes objects more interesting rather than the bland which is good don’t get me wrong but if something catches your eye and appeals to the senses does that override our way of thinking over the norm objects.

With one of my close friends on Maker this comes into effect as we couldn’t be more different in what we like. My friend likes minimal outcomes that are simple but desirable usually made in metal or wood, whereas I use glass, wood, 3D print, textiles as examples and make objects that use patterns and details that don’t come across in their work which isn’t a bad thing it just compliments what we like about our work and each others.

This week coming I want to be able to develop further my experimental prototypes and create more depth to the prototypes and begin to correlate my sketchbook to these ideas as well as the links to the artists I am using as influences and additions to the 20 in the Pecha Kucha.

Presentation Thursday

This thursday myself and a group of fellow makers will be presenting our ideas for the end of year individual presentation and the end of year exhibition in May of next year. The purpose of this small group talk is to discuss the ideas presented in the presentation at the start of term and the object from the cabinet and what is intended for the next few weeks leading up to the December presentation for formative assessment.

The Idea

over the summer term and through visiting galleries focused more on craft, functional and also decorative pieces I began to collect ideas for my ideal objects. For me my ideal object would be something that can be adapted throughout time but also adapt to how objects like people change through time. In particular I mean that the material of glass is highly valued as an artistic material for decorative and functional pieces on the market. But through the seminars at the beginning of the week on Maker the idea is becoming more problematic in not just what is going to be the pieces I make but their relation to what is already out there and what the practical experiments will make. But like everyone else time will tell on that one. My priority is to produce ways to demonstrate the idea of the piece to my tutors and fellow makers in preparations for tutorials and the formative assessment in December.


PORTFOLIO coverage

In the growing market of makers of different backgrounds, ages and training the competition for selling, displaying and commissions is a tough market to break into however if you theres something that you really want in life giving up when it gets hard will only leave you regretting what could have been rather than enjoying what would have come.

As well as the prototype website I am Making to display all my works this year and any other pieces I make from this point onward I also tried my hand at designing a rough business card for display in the exhibition, At this point I’m not sure whether spending money on something that is going to be completely augmented next year is worth it at this point, and the likelyness of anyone picking up a card in the gallery and visiting next year isn’t very likely to look professional.

business card template

For a first attempt at making a business card im really pleased with the results and with my other pieces now complete and on display after the talk with my tutors Huw and Pip I will mention what I am intending to do and why certain things may be missing or not enough content of when the time comes. Regardless of what happens in the next few hours im happy to have reached the end and finished to extent all my pieces to exhibit which didn’t happen last year and i’ll take onboard what has been said and what needs to be improved in order to achieve the best I possibly can in third Year, although im not really sure what the talk today will cover and whether i’ll find out if ive done good or bad.