Dissertation Feedback Prep essay

A few weeks ago the entire of second year art students handed in our essay prep forms and waited anxiously for the results. Anyone who knows me know that anxious is an understatement bouncing of the walls panicking may be better suited. However in the past ive always proved myself wrong so just stick with what you know and it’ll work for you. Today I got my feedback form back and was quite surprised by the feedback regardless of the way I feel about feedback sheets after a deadline.  And these are the results dissertation feedback form part 1 2016dissertation feedback form part 2 2016

Somehow I managed to get a 67% mark which works out in the top part of a 2:1 equivalent and overall is 2/3% percent of a 1st which I am really pleased about as it shows that even if I can’t push into that 1st level yet it’s still possible in third year although if i can hit this level from now on ill be happy whether its stays this level or moves up. As the feedback states this is a great attempt and the additional content will build on the existing stuff and give me enough to talk about for the 6,000 words and artefact. I’m going to take advantage of the tutorial opportunity next Wednesday to work out what to say and do for the essay to get the best grade possible which based on the level ive achieved I can definitely do. now I need to add the extra details and be prepared for the meeting and whats to follow.


Light Talk with Huw

Given Huws background as a Product Designer I was really grateful and happy to sit down and discuss the lamp project with him as every other tutorial with Pip and Jon and several technicians I was being given ideas of how to push things forward and trial and error which naturally is necessary more and more as I progress higher up the education ladder but despite everything I couldn’t go much further than a prototype in card.

I discussed with Huw that based on previous talks that the best option would be to lasercut all the parts separately so five panels for the shape of the pencil and five for the wooden point part as well as additional pieces for the top of the tip to create the lead part of a ordinary pencil. Huw however pointed out that this would be a health and safety nightmare for the child aimed audience and accuracy would be a massive problem when joining the pieces together to make the top and bottom and then stick it together.

Huw suggested  an alternative option being laser cutting the sheet to the size as one and bending the material to shape for both the top and bottom and connect them together. Thinking now this will help me make progress but will make me wonder how I can get the top and bottom half to glue together, but I will try to get to that stage first.

To finish of I showed the ideas of what would go along the outside of the pencil shape these being the holders of the pencils and the chalkboard suggestion.

Despite this Huw was confident that the idea would work it’s just a case of seeing the right technician with the knowledge of the process to show what I would need to use to get to that stage. Given that I have to order the materials which will take time giving me the chance to catch up on other things in other projects Huw suggested I create a professional 3D model on Solidworks however as I dont know how to use the software I stated I would be more confident with Rhino and speaking to charlie if any problems arose. My worry is that as well as doing all this I need to get a led bulb for the light as part of the project outcome is that the light must be functional. But I wont quit till its done

Discussion with Martyn (Make Your Mark)

After the discussion with Pip I discussed with Martyn my ideas for the outcome results and expectations of the Make Your Mark Project. For my individual practice I try to emphasise a meaning within the materials I use and the look of the objects in that respect. The use of nature like objects and materials such as leaves, pine cones shells as examples has been something I have loved using in my outcomes dating back to GCSE.

My ideal outcome which is something im looking to develop further in 3rd year and beyond is useable functional objects such as bowls and vase like objects. I wish to show that i take these objects from their natural place or origin that is their natural surroundings and place them in my objects that reflect natural looks within the home environment bringing ourselves and nature closer together.

I have ordered a selection of glass frits which is glass that has smashed into small pieces to create the effect and colour of leaves that in my final exhibition I can put along side of my finished outcome. Also im hoping by my next tutorial to have a 3D printed aspect of my designs to show and any testers that are finished in time, to see if the standard that is hoped for is being achieved ready for exhibit at the end of year and use in the rest of the areas I need to cover in Make Your Mark.

Faking IT Checklist

After all the frantic rushing to get things done myself and the group got the feedback from Bethan the Subject Leader for the Faking It project for Field

faking it feedbck 1

As shown we managed to achieve a 2:1 equivalent with our skills very nearly hitting a first level which is a level I haven’t been able to get to in the past two years with 4 projects last year and potentially 7 this year but im becoming more consistent with a 2:1 level which is a great achievement regardless. Along with every feedback sheet we were given pointers as to how we can improve given that this is only formative its very unlikely we can be knocked down a grade but there is also the possibility of moving up so fingers crossed I can achieve this. This is the feedback that Bethan gave myself and the group on the project.

faking it part 2 of 2

So points to consider where

  • The lighting of the backdrop
  • The creatures although I have my reasons and have since changed them
  • More experimental process is needed for characters and look in particular
  • The size of the overall display
  • Adding more to the peach such as a stem and its plumpness
  • Improve the impact of the bugs
  • Improve on the overall means of practically experimenting the idea

Despite all this it was a great project and experience that I wish I could do over that makes me want to fight more to work in the industry and the grade at the end of year, plus to have the Marriott setup on cv and the extra of the set being in Cardiff Bay at the Millennium Centre which is the only set that got that coverage to my knowledge was definitely a confidence booster for me given my worries and quality control over the figures as I recreated them along with everything else.

Ideas for Make Your Mark

The Maker marketspace is expanding across the UK and abroad so finding your feet and where you sit on the market isn’t the easiest of tasks and once that hurdle is passed how do you sell yourself to potential buyers and potential employees now that’s the difficult Part.

At the moment I have mind mapped some ideas of what im thinking of doing in regards to materials, outcomes and meaning. I like the idea in my pieces of using materials that you dont necessarily think will work together and show that they can although if that doesn’t work I know why I couldn’t find any examples of it, I also like that they fulfill a purpose as well as something visually stunning. And if a meaning can be fitted in that fits the materials used and the objects than that’s smashing. For the Make Your Mark project im hoping to show:-

Development of processes and materials in

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • 3D printing
  • Metal

Also im hoping to gain better understanding in relation to my practice of

  • Throwing clay
  • Glass fusing
  • Compatibility of materials
  • 3D printing software
  • Laser cutting software
  • Textile software and physical processes

As well as other materials I aim to create a series of objects that fit to theme and purpose that I can link artist influence and my own practice to, at this moment im thinking of making objects such as vases and bowl or other functional objects as the idea of making pieces that have a Fine Art and Meaning worries me as this is what I tried to do first year and things didn’t go to plan at all. Fingers Crossed this wont happen this year.



What to make

For the make your mark project ive been asked along with visual data in the form of blog and sketchwork as examples to produce a series of outcomes that relate to my interests and individualities in the making process. At this stage im pretty sure im not the only one that is struggling to figure out what I actually want to make and what materials I want to choose.

At the moment and this is a worrying thing im enjoying making and getting involved with the actual outcomes and trial and errors coming forward but i feel im lagging behind and not wanting to produce anything because I cant find what I enjoy making easily and more to the point why this is a sellling object and uniqueness it has to the market. As someone who has confidence issues im sure this will get better in time but its one of those things that one side of the situation will always dominate judgement.

However ive made a start at some mindmaps and moodboards of objects that I like and artists that’s work I find inspiring and as someone who doesn’t like drawing because im not a confident drawer I hope this will help me push forward in this area and show how ive changed from the way I worked in first year and how this can also evolve in third year. Entering into third term things are hectic but some projects are slowly coming to their endpoint and hopefully I will have a reasonable amount of time at the end before exhibit setup to fix any problems that may occur, whether this is possible I wont know till later on but it is always best to set realistic goals and try your best to reach them then have no goals and nothing to aim for.

Notes from meeting

Today with a group of fellow makers we discussed as a group with Jon our ideas for the projects that we are seeing through to completion and the progress with them. breaking it down into individual projects I summarised that :-

  • Bams medal was now in Craft in the Bay but I am hoping to redo a second pour next term and have at least two cast medals in exhibition, I have spoken to Pip my head of year and Dallas that runs foundry and they are both happy in redoing the process providing it is organised in advance to ensure their is enough material left for anyone else who needs it.


  • The Light project at this moment in time I am looking to make the final piece but I am not sure whether I want to go forward and enter the piece for the competition aspect mainly for confidence but more workload and deadline balance. How this will work for marking I am not sure and will have to clarify more next tem but I am hopeful this will be okay.


  • Work Experience was great despite circumstances not going my way, having experience in industry was really beneficial and I hope in the end of year exhibition to show these areas of development as a continuing portfolio of work and have outcomes that highlight what I learnt from the placement.


  • Faking it was really positive and the set is getting its value time wise and so far is set up for in three different display areas one of which will be down in the bay so there will be two pieces of my work in exhibition in the Bay in April wahoo.


  • Make your mark ideas are minimal at the moment but I am looking to get in contact with artists to discuss ideas and such and bring this back to portfolio work, whether this will work or not I am not sure but its in its early days so fingers crossed things wont go to wrong along the way.