Made in Roath Experience 2016

Throughout my two and 1/3 years of study at Cardiff Met ive heard and been meaning to look into and explore the Made In Roath scene having done Made By Hand for the last two years and potentially this year as well but haven’t had the time to be able to do it. Made In Roath is a community event situated all around the outer reaches of Cardiff displaying everything from work to buy to installation pieces, movies, community markets and so on. With over 64 locations and events going on from the 9th October to the 16th October there is plenty to see and do.

To make up for lost time I visited visited the website found what was going on and where everything was. Throughout going through the events I found quite a few links to artists working in Ceramics that are currently studying or graduates of Ceramic from Cardiff Met. This was quite a happy moment due to my course being relatively knew there are a few graduates that are doing really well having been on the market for one or two years such as my 3rd year buddy Alexana Blott and her cutlery creations Looking through I found these events granted there isn’t many glass related events and I dont really use Ceramic this would be quite a diverse experience for me. These are the events I hope to attend.

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BAMS Medal

Speaking to Dallas the foundry technician today I discussed the plan of action for the remaining time left before exhibition.Dallas suggested that I put wire around the shape of the vessel covering my medal to give extra support during the burn out and pour part of the process, this is a safeguard due to the first time of doing a bronze pour half of the shells cracked under the pressure of the bronze being poured in.

This safeguard means that an additional two coats one of which has been done today of ceramic shell molochite are needed meaning a burnout tomorrow isnt going to happen and due to inductions in Fine Art makes things more challenging as well. However I will get to burn out the piece possibly on Friday and be bronze pouring Monday giving me the rest of the week to tidy it up and fix any problems that might have occurred. This is the results

Make your Mark project Review

With time running short ive decided to create 2 series of four objects, one being a series of four bowl vase outcomes and the other being vessels for light for tables and the possibility of being attached to the wall. This is as far as i have got but will be looking into further exploration.

Delight in Light

Delight in Light has proved to be quite a problem and ive managed to get a marquette and prototype and rough materials together and a vague idea of what to have on the design sheets but I need to concentrate to get this finished with a working prototype for exhibition. I also hope to have a chance of entering the competition for Delight in Light next year.

Faking IT Project Review

Faking IT ended up having the highest mark quality so far in two years of study with an overall 2:1 that very nearly was a 1st. The set had great feedback on the look and the characters, and ended up being requested for display in the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay as shown

For the end of year exhibition I intend to have all the characters remodelled and displayed on a peach with a wood stump base to symbolise the look shown in the movie James and the Giant Peach.

The Medal Expectation review project

The original medal didn’t come out as good as I had hoped and unfortunately wasn’t able to be put forward for the BAMS competition of 2016 but the roughly quality wise version made it in to Craft in the Bay and was one of the few that were selected to go on the official page for the website as shown.

medal on the bay website

this was a surprise, I have now decided which may come back to haunt me timewise to redo the medal and create three outcomes of the medal one showing each side on a display and a third made in wax. My accompanying book is being finalised and needs the last finishing touches when the second medal casting process is complete.

Medal in The Bay

After setting up in the Bay For Touch Trust I popped over to Craft in the Bay to see the display for the medals. Most of Maker knows that I was really upset about the finalised piece and the fact that the ceramic shell was still stuck in after several sandblasts but it was reasonably ready for display. After visiting I checked on the website for craft in the bay after seeing one of my friends from Maker post a picture of her medal from the Craft in the Bay website, and surprise surprise mine was one of the pictures up there I certainly wasn’t expecting that especially in comparison to the quality of those others in the exhibition but I wont argue with that so wahoo for me. Plus to actually see them in exhibition after all the things going on in uni feels rewarding that we made it to the end eventually.

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Craft in the Bay exhibition statement 

Individual interpretations of medals, created by Second Year students studying on the Artist Designer: Maker course at Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University. The work was made in response to the British Art Medal Society’s Annual Student Medal Project and is just one of the live briefs students undertake in their second year.

With access to a broad range of materials and equipment the students have explored and developed skills in bronze casting, 3D printing, ceramics, laser cutting in wood, metal and paper.

The Artist Designer: Maker course has making at its heart, allowing students to engage with practices drawn from a broad spectrum of creative disciplines including art, design and craft. The work displays the combination of traditional skills and the use of new technologies that is part of what makes this course so unique and exciting. Bridging the gap between traditional skills and new technologies, students work in a myriad of ways, including producing work for batch production, bespoke one-off pieces or manufacture.

We see evidence of concept and craft coming together in these small hand held sculptural artefacts.

A broad range of, skills, techniques and processes have been explored by the students in pursuit of their own vocabulary of making including:

metal – casting in bronze, and pewter, digital fabrication employing 3D scanning and printing, 3D digital modelling and laser cutting.

Themes include:

gender and equality, psychology, nature, growth and the journey, ecosystems and sustainability, fragility and protection, materiality, geometry and mathematics, the personal and the political.